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Value Line Jig Vise Miter Cutter

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Product Details

Value Line Jig Vise Miter Cutter-for making perfectly flat cuts of 90° or 45°

This Value Line version of the Jig Vise Miter Cutter is made in Pakistan from the a highly regarded factory that makes excellent quality hand tools. It looks identical to the more expensive versions from Switzerland and France, and works the exact same way. This surface of this tool is more likely to show wear marks from files than European models, but this is still a very serviceable tool for considerable less than the original European made versions.

Made of super hard tool steel rated at a 58HRC, this 1-7/8" X 2" tool holds stock up to 1/2" thick so you can file perfectly flat 90 degrees or 45 degree cuts on tubing, wire and sheet. The lower opening is for making 90-degree cuts; the upper opening holds your stock for making 45-degree cuts. There is 35mm distance between the small integrated stop along both the flat 90 degree slot and the 45 degree slot to the edge of the tool so you can hold and cut a flat piece of sheet up to that 35mm length.

Can be mounted in a vise or held in the hand. Saw or file against this vise and PRESTO, a perfectly flat surface.

Supplied with an adjustable stop for making repeat cuttings of the same length, and a hex key for fixing the stop.

Warning: Certain files including Glardon-Vallorbe Valtitan files are as hard or harder than the jig vise miter cutter. In that case they will mark the vise. Strong force with just about any file may scratch the vise and can damage your file. Marks made on the vise are not an indication of a defect but only that the tool being used against the vise is harder than the tool itself.

Customer Reviews

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this has definitely made things easy again

After a year of use this is only showing slight use. As they eyes go, trying to get a piece filed square is becoming more difficult, this has definitely made things easy again, and it has a most reasonable price.