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Check most frequently asked questions here,

Unfortunetly, your cart contents could not be transferred to our new Shopify powered website. If you have an order you'd like to complete, please login to our old website before Feburary 28, 2023 to complete your order. 

Our transition to Shopify did not allow us to transfer your Wishlist. Your wishlist will be accessible on our old website until February 28, 2023. 

If you prefer, our support team can retrieve your wishlist and e-mail a copy to you. Please contact us via e-mail or live chat during normal business hours and provide the support representative with your account's associated e-mail address.

In My Account you will find the order history of any online order placed after February 7, 2023. These orders will start with the letters WS

If you're looking for transactions earlier than February 7, 2023 and that transaction starts with the letter S (Sales Order), R (Receipt), or N (Invoice), please login to our Legacy Account Center where you can download PDF copies of all your earlier transactions. has a new login process to ensure your account is safe and protected. To use our new website, launched late February 2023, existing customers will need to verify their email address and create a new password

In some cases Otto Frei was unable to migrate existing customers email & phone numbers. If you had an account with us in the past and are told to register please do. You can learn more about why this occured in the FAQ: I have shopped with you in the past, but the website says I don't have an account.

When you arrive on our login page and enter your email address under the Welcome Back banner, one of three actions will take place:

  1. Your account will be found and you will be asked create a new password. An email will be sent to that email address to verify that you are the owner of that email address. The email will contain a link to setup your password to access
  2. Your account will be found and the password field will display for you to securly log in.
  3. No Account will be found and you will be prompted to create an account

When we migrated to our new website we transfered over the email and phone of as many of our customers as we could. Our new website platform, Shopify Plus, required that every customer we migrated met the following requirements:

  • A Unique Email 
  • A Unique Phone Number
  • Properly formatted international phone numbers with a +country code

As a Result:

  • If you had more than one account with us with the same phone number, we were unable to transfer your account.
  • If we were unable to verify your international phone number and correct the format we were unable to transfer your account. 

Don't worry though! Your order history is still avaliable via the Legacy Account center. Which you can learn more about in the FAQ section: Legacy Account Center. 

Please register as a new customer on our website to place orders.

On February 23, 2023 Otto Frei launched a new website on the Shopify platform. Gift Certificates purchased before that date will not work in the new site. There are two options to resolve this:

Option 1:

Please contact us via LiveChat, e-mail, or phone to get new code that will work on our new website. 

Option 2:

If you're ready to submit your order and are okay with authorizing a higher amount on your credit card, you can leave us a note with your gift certificate code in the special instructions box and we will apply the balance to your order and refund you that amount to your credit card

. gift cards can only be redeemed when shopping online at


Enter the gift card code during checkout:

If you forgot to use your discount code, please contact us immediately. Once your order has been shipped we can not apply the discount to your order. is unable to accept wire and ACH payments online at this time. If you'd like to pay using either method please select "Phone Payment" at checkout. We will reach out to you with the contact information provided in your order. To expedite the process you can contact us.


Discount codes and gift cards are entered during checkout. You will find the field under the list of items you ordered.

Please Note: Gift Certificates purchased before February 23, 2023 will not work in checkout unless you have already contacted support to issue a new code. Please check out our FAQ on "How do I redeem my gift certificate purchased before February 23, 2023?"

To place your order via wire transfer please leave us a note on the cart page. When you come to the payment page in checkout, select "Phone Payment". We will be in touch to complete your order.

To check out using your terms (Net 30) account please select "Phone Payment". Once we receive your order we will change your payment to Net 30 and you will receive an invoice.

Our Shopify powered checkout uses Shop Pay to make your checkout experince as fast as possible by automatically importing your credit card and billing information, just like PayPal. If you place an initial order with us using Shop Pay, the next time you place an order it will fast track you to that same experience. If you'd rather use a different express checkout option you should click on the link at the bottom of Shop Pay which says "Check out as guest."  You can then proceed through checkout and select Phone Payment at the Payment step.