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AGILO CABSHINE Knife Edge Wheel Kit Of 3 -M, F & XF

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Product Details

CABSHINE wheels make the polishing of cabochons easy.  This kit contains all 3 of the different grit CABSHINE Knife Edge Wheels for shaping and polishing soft and hard stones, including quartz, ruby, amethyst, crystals, turquoise, lapis and more.

Available individually or in kits of 3 Square Edge (see 110.131KIT) or a kit of 3 Knife Edge kit (this kit).

Knife edge wheels are necessary for accessing hard to reach areas and stones in settings.

Kit contains one each of these 7/8" Knife Edge CABSHINE Wheels:

110.112M  CABSHINE-M    Step 1 - Medium grit for removing scratches.

110.122F  CABSHINE-F     Step 2 - Fine grit for preparing surface

110.105    CABSHINE-XF   Step 3 - Extra Fine grit for final polish

CABSHINE wheels are specially formulate of different grits of super fine diamond abrasives for removing minor scratches and abrasions on cabochons and other fine gemstone that might otherwise have to be sent to the lapidary shop. CABSHINE wheels have been tested and approved by Swiss lapidary artists and Swiss fine jewelers. CABSHINE wheels makes it easy for jewelers to do touch ups on gemstone as high as 9 Mohs in hardness.  From Turquoise to Rubies and Sapphires some stone touch ups that you would have to send to a lapidary shop can now be done in house! 


No water needed.  Always polish crosswise: in one direction, for example, left to right, and then in the other direction, up and down. Practice first with inexpensive stones to learn the possibilities, and the limitations, of CABSHINE Wheels.  Recommended speed: 3,000 to 7,000 rpm.

Use CABSHINE-M medium wheels for removing scratches then CABHINE-F fine wheels for surface prep (F) and then use CABSHINE-XF for a final polish. Not all repairs need all 3 steps.

Diamond filled abrasive. Developed in Germany for AGILO.

Always wear a mask when grinding stones and metal using this tool. Performs best at speeds between 3,000 and 7,000 RPM.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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Maya S.
Very effective cab shine repair

Area of cab which was dull after polishing bezel was easily and quickly brought back to a perfect shine using the three Cabshine wheels.