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10x Triplet LED Light Loupe

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Product Details

10x Triplet LED Light Loupe-Genuine Triplet

Bright White Light Just Where You Need It!

This battery operated 10X triplet shines brite LED lights just where you need it. Unlike the less expensive versions, our LED Light Loupe is a genuine glass Triplet-and has multiple LED lights that surround the lens, illuminating stones like never before.This LED light is the perfect light for viewing diamonds and other gemstones.

Not all 10X jewelers loupes are the same. Professionals always used triplets.

10X Triplets are used to color grade and clarity grade diamonds. For clarity grading, if the flaw isn't visible with 10X magnification, it does not exist for clarity grading purposes. Our 10X Triplets are made with the finest quality optics and with top quality metal cases. They are corrected for spherical and chromatic aberrations. That means that they have minimal distortion around the edges (spherical) and are corrected for color distortion (chromatic), which is also present around the edges in uncorrected loupes.

This 10X Triplet* has a top quality 20.5mm diameter Aplanatic** and Achromatic*** glass lens with a bright circle of LED lights activated by a miniature on/off switch located next to the lights.

The triplet loupe with LED lighting is powered by three (3) L936 (Eveready 394) button cell batteries. The batteries are accessed by a threaded cap that can be unscrewed with a coin.

Custom imprinting is available with a minimum order of 100 loupes. Additional charges for art will apply. Please contact us for more information. Allow 6 weeks for delivery.

This triplet comes in a soft leather case packed inside a cardboard box.

*Triplet-Three separate lenses bonded together, vastly superior to doublets and single lens magnification

**Aplanatic-Corrected for spherical aberrations, for larger field of view from side to side.

***Achromatic-Corrected for color distortions, for true color viewing.

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