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14KT Gold Testing Solution-Ships Ground Only

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Product Details

14KT Gold Testing Acid Solution
Ships FedEx or UPS Ground Only-No Air-No outside USA!

This small plastic bottle is filled with approximately one ounce of an gold testing acid specially formulated for testing for 14K. It can only ship FedEx or UPS ground.  If you order gold testing acids and select any other shipping method other than FedEx or UPS ground service, we will not be able to ship the gold testing solution that way.  Do not select air service (FedEx Priority or Standard Overnight, FedEx 2nd Day, UPS Next Day, UPS 2nd Day or UPS 3 Day Priority Mail, Global Express Mail) for shipping this item. Your package will ship ground.

This item cannot ship via the post office.  The US Mail will not accept acids for shipping.  Sorry, cannot ship outside of the USA.

This is a simple guide to test precious metals with testing acids. You will need the acids, test stone to rub the metal onto, eye protection, rubber gloves and some sort of cloth for cleanup. Please note that testing for gold content using these acids can be hazardous to your health. Always handle the acids with great care.  Please note that the acid will stain your skin or worse, so be careful not to spill any on yourself and don’t even think of getting any in your eyes.

This kind of testing is entirely subjective.  Skill is developed through experience and repetition.  You will be watching for a reaction, and making a comparison of the "test" reaction to your own personal experience to how a certain karat is suppose to react.

For Gold Testing with Acid and Test Stone Only:

Scratch or rub the metal being tested onto the testing stone.  Place the smallest drop you can of the closest acid to the karat you estimate the metal to be. If you think it's 14K, start with the 14K acid.  If you think it's 10K, start with the 10K acid.


  • If the acid dissolves the metal it’s less then the karats on the bottle and you should try again with lower level acid.
  • If the acid dissolves the metal slowly, it’s possible you would have a bit less then the karat of the acid in the bottle.
  • If the metal stays it’s most likely the karat of the acid in the bottle.

With Test Needles:

 A better test is to compare a known sample of karat gold to the test sample.  To use this method, you will need a set of test needles, or better yet, pieces of gold of which you are certain of the karat.  Using the same technique as above, make a rubbing or scratch with your test needles (or known sample of gold) next to a rubbing or scratch of the item to be tested.  Watch the reaction, and if the reaction is the same, you can infer that the karat content is the same.  The glass acid test bottles with stoppers work well for this method, as the glass stoppers allow you to drag a drop of acid across the two scratches.


Should stay and not dissolve under the platinum acid. Some platinum is 800 type of platinum and will dissolve a bit.


Rub extra metal onto the stone, apply a nice drop and wait for a reaction.

* 0.999 pure silver will turn bright red color

* 0.925 sterling silver will turn dark red color

* 0.800 silver will turn brown color


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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