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Arbe WI-200 Mini 1-1/3 Quart Air Pressure Wax Injector 110V

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by Arbe

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Product Details

This miniature air pressure wax injector is made in the USA by ARBE, a leader in quality jewelry manufacturing equipment. This compact wax injector uses steel frame ceramic-mica heating elements that are extremely reliable and long lasting. The nozzle is double sealed to minimize leaking. Zinc plated heavy duty air pressure regulator with easy to read dial so you can be sure of the proper air pressure while you shoot your waxes. Adjustable bi-metallic thermostat allows you to keep your injection wax at its ideal temperature for the best possible wax flow.

Maximum temperature: 250F

Capacity: 1-1/3 Quart

8" Wide x 14" Height

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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David Worcester

I got this pot to replace one with digital temperature control when something went haywire in the circuit board, and I needed one in a hurry. Good thing for my shop. This is a well made pot. It has a lot more insulation than my old one, and, once I ramped up slowly to find the temperature's set point, it's holding it very steady. One of the most appreciated details for me is a well designed nozzle. It fits snuggly into all of my molds, regardless of which sprue former had been used over the years, so not a single mold drips (under my standard 12 lbs. pressure). Importantly, this puts consistent pressure into the mold cavity, and gives me very consistent and clean patterns. And no mess leaking and dripping on the pot. I did swap out my 15 lb. gauge for the 30 lb. one provided, and added a quick release fitting for my air. I just have to mess with something to be happy, I guess. I'm very pleased that my old pot went south. This pot is giving me better waxes consistently, and very, very few rejects. A real time and temper saver. I'm very pleased.