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Badeco MX-1 Strong Micromotor with Handpiece

Part # 134.742-465
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$1,895.00 - $2,295.00
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by Badeco
Select Handpiece: Quickchange 465HP

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  • 134.742-465 With New Carbon Quick Change 465 HP: The ultimate quick change handpiece with 3/32" collet.* The New Badeco 465 (replaces the Badeco 450) is lightweight yet solid, fitting perfectly in the hand allowing for continuous stress free work. To open the quick change collet all that is required is a simple 1/4 turn of the handpiece making for rapid tool change without the need of a lever or a wrench. The new 465 quick change allows for tool changing without having to stop the motor. The 1/4 turn to close the collet produces a very secure grip that firmly closes on the bur or drill being used.  As sold with all Badeco Quick Change kits as of January 2023. For more information on the New 465 Badeco Handpiece, see part number 134.738-465.
  • 134.742-388 With Exchangeable Collet 388 HP: Exchangeable Collet 388 Handpiece with standard 3/32" collet. Optional collet diameters: 0.55mm, 0.80mm, 1.05mm, 1.55mm, 2.05mm, 2.35mm, 2.55mm, 3.05mm, 3.2mm (1/8").
  • 134.742-380 With Adjustable Chuck 380 HP: Other handpiece choices include the Badeco 380 adjustable chuck (0.05mm to 4.5mm max opening) quick change handpiece
  • 134.742-318 With Combi Hammer 318 HP: The best selling professional stone setters hammer handpiece, the 318 Combi hammer handpiece. The 318 Combi uses the same tips, with 19 different tips to choose from, used on the Badeco 222 series flex shaft operated hammer handpiece and produces strokes rated from medium to hard. Powerful adjustable stroke. Combination single stroke or standard mode continual stroke is selected by switch on control box.
  • 134.742-4LC100 With Polishing 4LC100 HP: The Badeco 4LC100 micro filer handpiece that's for polishing the finest details in hard to reach spaces. Unlike the hammer handpiece which has a strong hammer like stroke, the action of this handpiece is defined distance back and forth which is speed adjustable. Use with ceramic polishing tools or miniature files. 360 degree rotation of tool head means that tools can be in fluid contact with the item being polished or filed.

The Badeco MX-1 Strong Micromotor is a remarkable piece of Swiss engineering. For about half the price of previous models, you can now enjoy the incredible precision of a genuine Swiss Made Badeco micromotor. Incredible power and torque wrapped up in a precision made instrument.

The Badeco MX-1 Strong Swiss Made Dual Voltage 115/230V micromotor has been designed for use in the jewelry and watchmaking industries of Switzerland, the number one producer of super-premium jewelry and watches for the world. What separates this micromotor apart from all others is the quality, precision and reliability of the power box, motor and of course, the handpiece, the single most important part of a micromotor.

The Badeco features a hi-torque carbon fiber micromotor handpiece motor, RS2000, that attaches to the control box. Designed for reliability and efficiency, this powerful motor produces speeds from 2,000 rpm to 20,000 rpm, with 50% more torque than other types of micromotors. The hi-torque comes through at all speeds, as hi-torque at low speeds is a requirement for precision stone setting for drilling and forming seats in hard metals like platinum and hi-karat white gold alloys.

The Badeco MX-1 control box is designed to produce extremely precise and steady speed control to the micromotor and the handpiece. It can be used in either manual or foot control operation with the optional foot control, and operates in either forward or reverse.

Buy your Badeco MX-1 Strong Micromotor system with your choice of a handpiece.  You can add separate handpieces as you wish.  Handpiece changes are fast.  Simply unscrew one handpiece and screw another onto the RS2000 micromotor.  You can even purchase separate RS2000 micromotors to go along with separate handpieces.  Then you simply change out the entire motor/handpiece assembly at the MX-1 control box.  Badeco MX-1 Strong Micromotor systems will also work with the RS3000 mini micromotors & mini handpiece units.  These motor/handpiece assemblies have less torque but are smaller and lighter, suitable for ultra fine precision work.  The RS3000 is popular in the Swiss Watchmaking industry.

Increase the torque of your RS2000 micromotor with the addition of the 134.740RG reduction gear.  This add-on mounts between the RS2000 and your handpiece decreasing your maximum speed but increasing torque.

All systems now include the Badeco PC800 variable speed foot control as standard. The PC800 replaces the PC200 on/off foot control. PC200 foot controls can be purchased separately.

*The collet on the Badeco 465 is extremely precise and is made to use with equally precise shank size burs from Busch, Brasseler (branded as Fox Germany, Panther or Komet) and Dentsply Maillefer (Otto Frei Swiss brand). American made HSS burs will not give good results in the Badeco 465 handpiece as their shanks are not as uniformly precise in size.

Badeco MX-1 Strong Micromotors have a 2 year from date of purchase factory warranty covering parts and labor.  All service is performed by the factory in Geneva, Switzerland.  The address is:
8 rue de la Coulouvreniere - CH - 1204 Geneve. For further information on repairs please reference your factory warranty card included with your purchase or email the factory at or visit the factory website at

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Hosein Zareiyan

so wonderful torque in low speed is amazing feeling!
i think that each stone setter use once at least, thanks to ottofrei