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Bangle Bracelet Forming Press Steel Di0e Set-Transverse 24

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Product Details

These easy to use and remarkably affordable Bangle Bracelet Forming Presses help you make pattern bangle bracelets without the use of an expensive hydraulic press. 

The Bangle Bracelet Forming Presses are 2-part dies made of tool steel.  They are similar to the Ring and Hoop Presses, but larger, large enough so you can make Bangle Bracelets as large as 2-7/8" OD from wire up to 10 gauge thick.

This is the Transverse 24 Pattern Bangle Bracelet Forming Press Steel Die Set

To use:

Using copper, brass, silver or gold wire as thick as 10 gauge (2.6 mm), bend the wire into an oval or round shape no larger than 2-7/8" across.

Separate the dies and place your formed wire between the halves.  

If you are making a round bangle, you can use one of the included aluminum spacers to make sure your wire is centered.  The spacers will get deformed during use but that is OK.

If you are making a oval bangle, take care to make sure you center the wire.  The aluminum spacers might still be of some use for this task.

Once satisfied with your wire placement, replace the top half of the die and you are ready for the next step

Placing the die sandwich on top of a sturdy work table. Use a Urethane or Rubber pad to help cushion the blow.  Strike the top of the die with a weighted rawhide mallet or other suitable shot filled or large rubber mallet.  

Remove the bangle form the press and size as needed.  You can join the ends together to make a closed bangle or you can finish the ends to make an open bangle.

You can use plain wire of any shape or use pattern wire.  Create your own pattern wire with your rolling mill and a draw plate. 

Bangle Bracelet Forming Press Steel Die Sets measure 3" diameter by 1-5/8" across.  Made in India from Tool Steel. 

To prevent rusting, these dies are packed in a lubricant that you will want to remove before using. To keep your bangle dies rust free, apply a thin coating of oil after use. 

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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