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Best Built Mini 110 Magnetic Tumbler 115V

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Product Details

Best BuiltTM Mini 110 Magnetic Tumbler 115V 39-002

Magnetic tumbling has revolutionized the art of jewelry polishing, cutting hours of expensive hand labor from the process. Magnetic tumblers can polish to a bright finish the undersides of rings, undercuts, channels, fine filigree and other hard to reach places in as little as 30 minutes for gold and 45 minutes for platinum.

This is the new Best BuiltTM Mini Size magnetic tumbler, a low cost personal size magnetic polisher for someone who only needs to polish up to 8 small rings at a time (not just for rings of course, but magnetic tumblers normally rate capacity in the number of small rings that can be successfully polished at one time). The Best BuiltTM Mini Size magnetic tumbler uses tiny stainless steel magnetic pins with a solution of polishing soap & water to produce a beautiful bright shine on your work in as little as 30 minutes.

How does it work?

Imagine thousands of smooth tiny hammers pounding the surface of your jewelry. These hammers are burnishing the surface, just like if you took a polished steel burnisher and rubbed in against the surface. These tiny hammers can reach into the smallest crevices and channels, easily reaching places that you take a long time to finish by hand. The result is that the surface becomes bright, shiny and work-harden. For these hard to reach places, the polishing is complete. The smooth broad surfaces of your jewelry are now ready for a final quick polish by hand or in polishing media. All this is done much more quickly than what you could do in conventional rotary or vibratory tumblers. With magnetic tumbling there is no metal loss because magnetic tumbling is not an abrasive process.

The Best BuiltTM Mini Magnetic Tumbler has a 110mm (4-3/8") diameter plastic bowl and includes a full load (85 grams) of magnetic polishing pins and a 2 ounce bottle (makes 2 quarts) of Otto MF610 magnetic tumbler concentrated solution.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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Best Investment!

I purchased this model some time ago. Best investment in all of my tools. With the stainless pins there is no space tiny enough not to get cleaned out! One con is that the tumbler cups fracture and break after not too long. They are expensive to replace. My work around was to use Marine Epoxy to fill the holes that get worn in the bottom of the cup. It lasts longer than the cup itself and can be repaired many times. Still, it is a great tool to have!

Cindi Austin
Great addition to my workshop

I debated buying a magnetic tumbler and kept using my rotary tumbler until I finally caved last week. I went for this model, smaller but yet not too tiny. I was skeptical and questioned whether it would make much of a difference than the rotary, but boy was I wrong! I tumbled several pieces that I had tumbled in my rotary tumbler and they came out amazing! WAY better than they did in the rotary tumbler. SO glad I made this decision and went for it.