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Busch Mixed Shapes Student Bur Kit of 21 Pieces

Part # B118.8912
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Product Details

Busch Burs-the most famous name in jewelers burs. Busch brand burs are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and are commonly sold in packs of six. This Busch bur kit contains one each of a wide variety of popular shapes and sizes making it a great starter set for students on a budget. This particular kit is only one of several bur kits that are part of the GIA graduate jeweler program, with burs chosen by their expert instructors to go with the GIA curriculum. All these burs are genuine Busch tungsten vanadium steel with the exception of one American made HSS bud burs. All are mounted on 3/32" (2.35mm) shanks for easy drill changes. 

Kit of 21 includes the following: 

118.572 Swiss Fig. 256 Krause Burs 1.20MM
B118.247 Busch Fig 6-021 Bud Burs 2.10mm
B118.249 Busch Fig 6-025 Bud Burs 2.50mm
B118.401 Busch Fig 77B-010 Cup Burs 1.00mm
B118.402 Busch Fig 77B-012 Cup Burs 1.20mm
B118.403 Busch Fig 77B-014 Cup Burs 1.40mm
B118.405 Busch Fig 77B-016 Cup Burs 1.60mm
B118.406 Busch Fig 77B-018 Cup Burs 1.80mm
B118.469 Busch Fig 15-008 Cylinder Square Plain Cut Burs .80mm
B118.474 Busch Fig 15-012 Cylinder Square Plain Cut Burs 1.20mm
B118.505 Busch Fig 156C-016 Hart 90 Degree Burs 1.60mm
B118.506 Busch Fig 156C-018 Hart 90 Degree Burs 1.80mm
B118.507 Busch Fig 156C-021 Hart 90 Degree Burs 2.10mm
B118.508 Busch Fig 156C-023 Hart 90 Degree Burs 2.30mm
B118.509 Busch Fig 156C-025 Hart 90 Degree Burs 2.50mm
B118.511 Busch Fig 156C-029 Hart 90 Degree Burs 2.90mm
B118.527 Busch Fig 156C-020 Hart 90 Degree Burs 2.00mm
B118.516 Busch Fig 156C-040 Hart 90 Degree Burs 4.00mm


*Comes in a round plastic bur box part number 119.248*

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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