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Dumont Pattern OA Tweezers

Part # 157.275
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by Dumont
Metals: Dumont HP Anti Acid/Mag SS OA

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Product Details

Swiss Made 

Similar to Pattern O, except the shanks are notched and the points have been rounded and finished for fine assembly work.  Overall length 4-3/4" (120mm).

The different grades of the tweezers: 

The High Precision (HP) line of Dumont Tweezers has extensive hand finishing, and is considered Dumont's finest quality grade of tweezers.  These are the tweezers that the finest watchmakers in the world use.

Dumont Electronic Quality (EQ) Stainless Steel Tweezers from Switzerland. With less hand finishing than High-Precision tweezers, electronic quality tweezers are made for assembly work.  EQ quality tweezers are an excellent choice for everyday use.

Titanium Swiss (TS) has excellent strength and is very light weight compared to other metal choices in tweezers. Titanium is also resistant to high temperatures, anti-magnetic and corrosion and acid resistant.

Choose from 2 metals: 

  • 157.273  Dumont HP Carbon OA - For high strength and durability
    • Carbon Steel is the strongest of the metals used to make Dumont Tweezers. Carbon steel will rust, so care must be taken to protect carbon steel tweezers in use and storage. Store carbon steel tweezers with a light coating of oil, or under a protective lightly oiled cloth. Carbon Steel is also magnetic. With proper care, carbon steel tweezers will hold an edge and stay sharp longer than stainless steel tweezers.
  • 157.275  Dumont HP Anti Acid/Mag SS OA - Stainless Steel Dumoxel, Non-magnetic, corrosion & acid resistant
    • Anti-Magnetic Stainless Steel-Dumont Dumoxel is a non-magnetic, corrosion and acid resistant material made for industrial situations when it's characteristics are necessary.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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