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Durston 1208 New Version 12" Guillotine Shear

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Product Details

Will cut up to 300 mm (12") wide by 2mm (12 gauge) thick non-ferrous metal and 1 mm (18 gauge) mild steel. Precision ground, hardened and tempered blade. 


This is Durston's newest version of a 12" guillotine shear, not to be confused with the original Heavy Duty Durston 12" guillotine shear. This new version is lighter weight with the same design found on the 4" and 6" Durston guillotine shears. This new version is less expensive but has a smaller diameter maximum non-ferrous metal sheet thickness rating at 2 mm thick.  This model is ideal for cutting a wide variety of sheet metal including copper, brass, silvers and gold up to 12" ( 300 mm) wide. The adjustable built in mitre gauge and ruler allow you to make precise straight and angled cuts. It can cut angles up to 60 degrees in 5 degree increments. The stainless steel table supports the metal as it is fed into the cutting area, helping to ensure even and clean cuts every time.


The shear is operated with a hand bar that controls a precision ground, hardened and tempered cutting blade. This 12" version includes a handle extension that adds 6" to the length of the handle when added force is needed. The blade has 4 cutting edges, so it can be rotated if ever damaged or worn to give an extremely long service life. The blades will cut non-ferrous metals up to 2 mm thick as well as mild steel up to 1 mm thick.


The shear can be mounted to any work table (mounting hardware not included).  It is strong and durable, as you would expect from a Durston product produced in the UK.

Weight: 130 Lbs (59 Kg)
Length: 16" (400 mm)
Width: 14.5" (370 mm)
Height: 10-5/8" (270 mm)
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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