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Durston Agile C140 Combo More Flat Rolling Mill with Reduction Gear & Flywheel

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Product Details

This new Durston Agile Plus C140 Combination Rolling Mill has combined flat and wire rolls with a ratio that gives you more flat sheet than other Agile combo mills. The wider flat is 90 mm* (a little more than 3-1/2") with 50mm given to the 11 traditional wire grooves with diameters from 8 mm to 1 mm.

It's just what jewelers have been asking for in a combination rolling mill. You get a good size flat section that allows you to do pattern work and an adequate amount of wire sizes for doing wire reductions.

Durston Agile mills differ from the Durston DRM line in that the Agile frame has been slightly lighten while not compromising on strength and durability. This Agile Plus mill uses an Agile C130 frame but actually houses a 140mm wide roll, as all 130 Agiles do.  

This special Combo Agile keeps the large flywheel handle found on the DRM line. The flywheel adjuster is more expensive but many jewelers prefer it as it gives a more precise way to adjust roller gap.

The rolls are induction hardened to 64 Hrc to a depth of 6mm and just like the DRM line the bearings are self lubricating and maintenance free.

The heavy duty five to one gearbox is unrivaled in the industry and makes turning the rolls so much easier. Behind the cover you will find two specially formed gears to make rolling even smoother. Safety features include a protective guard around the top gears.

With the weight and material savings the new Durston Agile is very competitively priced.
The C140 Agile Combo More Flat Rolling Mill has 90 mm flat sheet, which is more flat area than even the largest C165 Agile Combo Rolling Mill. That's because the other Agile mills contain a combination of half round, flat and traditional wire shape on the rolls, while the C140 Agile omits the half round profile.

C110 Agile has 50 mm Flat Sheet
C130 Agile has 60 mm Flat Sheet
C165 Agile has 85 mm Flat Sheet

Aspect Specification
Roller Length 140 mm (5-1/2")
Roller Diameter 60 mm (2-3/8")
Flat Width 90 mm (3-17/32")
Wire Width 50 mm (2-15/32")
Wire Grooves* 11 Sizes from 8mm to 1mm
Gear Ratio 5-to-1
Adjusting Handle Heavy Duty Flywheel Type

*The shape of the grooves in most wire rolling mills can be called a diamond shape, as each half of the wire groove is a triangle with a flat top. Some will call it a square wire but it’s not square, it’s actually a six sided shape technically called an irregular hexagon. We call it a traditional wire groove. It has been used by manufacturers as it is structurally strong, simple to produce and provides for a shape than can easily be pulled through a variety of drawplate profiles.

In practice the traditional wire grooves are used for reducing wire diameter so you can make a wide variety of different shaped wire profiles using drawplates. Wire grooves are generally not used for producing a finished product.

Wire Sizes: 4.8mm approx. +/- .1mm, 4mm, 3.25mm, 2.8mm, 2.4mm, 2.1mm, 1.8mm, 1.6mm 1.4mm, 1.2mm, 1mm (These are the sizes of square wire turned with the rolls at their closest. Sizes can be made larger by opening the gap between the rolls.)

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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