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Durston Basic Starter Jewelers Cedar Workbench

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Product Details

The Durston Basic Starter Jewelers Workbench is the simplest and least expensive bench we offer.  Made of low cost cedar wood, and with no frills or add-ons, this bench is a good starting place for the occasional jeweler.

The Durston Basic Starter bench is designed as a jewelers bench. It features a radiused center cut out that is 5-1/8" deep at its maximum and has a top rail for keeping things from rolling off.

What it doesn't have is a bench pin or holes for mandrels.  This is a super basic bench.

Most jewelers will want to add a bench pin and we offer several to choose from that will work, with links below.  We believe the best solution to installing a bench pin is to use the GRS Dovetail Fixed Mounting Plate 104.557 with a GRS Bench Pin Kit 104.556.  For a less expensive center located bench pin try the 113.320 Bench Pin with Metal Holder. The bench top is 1" thick, but the bench top is supported by a piece of wood below that adds another 2" to the thickness, making it a total of 3" thick at that point, too thick for using clamp on bench pins in the center location.  It is that 2" thick x 1-1/2" deep support wood that you use to mount the GRS Dovetail.  It is thick enough so you could actually cut out a tang hole for a bench pin to mount directly into the bench.  It is also thick enough to drill out round holes for mounting ring mandrels in. If you do cut or drill into that 1-1/2" deep support wood to directly use a bench pin or mandrel, be careful to limit the amount of hammer work you do.

Another solution is to use a clamp on type bench pin like our 113.361 that mounts to the right or left side of the front of the bench where the curved bench top is 1" thick. 

You might also want to consider adding a bench apron, which we also can supply. 

The dimensions of this bench are identical to the Durston Student Workbench our number 113.039STU.  This Basic Starter bench is made from a less expensive wood, cedar wood vs rubber wood, and this Basic Starter bench does not have a bench pin, arm supports, and mandrel holes.  This Basic Starter bench also is lighter than the Durston Student Workbench, at only 23 Lbs vs. 34 Lbs. The weight difference is due to the weight of the wood, and the adding weight of the bench pin, support arms, catch apron and side tool holder found on the heavier Durston Student Workbench.


Dimensions: 36-5/8" (930 mm) width x 23-1/4" (590 mm) depth x 37-1/4" (950 mm) height
Worktop Height: 36" (915 mm)
Height to Rail: 37-1/2" (950 mm)
Worktop Thickness: 1" (25 mm)
Leg Size: 1-1/2" x 1-1/2"
Assembled Weight: 23 Lbs.
Shipping Weight: 31 Lbs.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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