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Durston 1127 Spring Loaded Planishing Hammer 3-1/4" (80mm) Top Platen

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by Durston

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Product Details

Spring Loaded Planishing Press Hammers are excellent for quickly straightening out and repairing sheet metal or just about anything else you would like to make perfectly flat. The platens are hardened to Rockwell 60, making them suitable for flattening non-ferrous soft metal alloys of copper, brass, silver and gold. The planishing hammer stands 540mm high and weighs 51 Lbs. (21.6 Kilos) Durston 1127.


Aspect Specification
Product Weight 51 lbs.
Product Length 540 mm (21")
Product Width 220 mm (8-1/2")
Product Height 140 mm (5-1/2")
Top Plate Diameter 80 mm (3-1/4")
Bottom Plate Diameter 100 mm (4")
Hardness 60HRC
Product Origin Made in the UK

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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W Shaw
The Wapper

Thought it was an extravagance until I used it. So glad I was good to myself and purchased it. It makes things so much easier and definitely a time saver. I can see why the shipping was so much more, this was very heavy!