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Durston Professional Needle Chain Plier 115mm

Part # 146.1783P
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by Durston

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Product Details

These Durston Professional Needle Chain Pliers 115mm are manufactured with laser precision edges that provide seamless, repeatable bends in both metal and wire. With fine tips that are perfect for getting small, detailed areas. Both jaws are semi-round with a flat interior area which tapers from pivot to tip; ideal for opening and closing jump rings, creating angled bends and flat crimping. The sleek finish reduces the risk of marring fragile pieces.

These pliers are created with a lap joint, where one half of the joint overlaps the other with a screw set through both halves. This screw allows the joint to be adjusted as required.

The double-leaf spring consists of flat, tempered metal tabs attached to the inside of each of the tool handles, positioned to meet and hold the handles apart (and the jaws open) until they are squeezed closed, delivering a fast, strong rebound for enhanced productivity.

The ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip, allowing you to work longer and reduce hand fatigue. Durston Needle Chain Pliers are created with poly handles for increased comfort.

Jaw Style: Needle Chain Nose
Jaw Length: 23mm
Tip Width: 1mm
Handle Length: 89mm
Overall Length/Dimensions: 115mm

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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