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Free Domestic Shipping on orders over $250 and less than 10lbs.

Electric Melting Furnace MF-1000 1 kg (30 oz) 110V/60H

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Product Details

This electric melting furnace uses a special alloy melting element that has a melting point up to 1900 C (3450F)-well below the maximum temperature of 1150C (2100F) that this machine is set for. That means the heating element is stressed far less than other electric furnaces with conventional heating elements that have much narrower ranges between max temp achievable and max temp before element failure.


This economical electric furnace has a durable ceramic melting chamber for safe and long lasting performance.  This furnace is a proven model, as reliable as any of the melting furnaces we sell. Otto Frei has been selling it since 2015 with thousands in use in the USA. 

We now stock replacement parts for servicing, including heating elements (122.394), thermocouples (122.395) and ceramic flanges (122.396). Made in China.


 The machine is calibrated in Centigrade only-it does not read out Fahrenheit, so make sure you are OK with that and make sure everyone who uses this knows the difference between C and F.

The MF-1000 is 110V/60Hz and requires 14 amps so make sure you plug into a 15 amp rated circuit.   It features a easy to use digital control and display for setting your melting temperature. Maximum temperature is limited to 1150C.  This machine does not do Fahrenheit! Temperature read out is in Centigrade only! It comes with a pair of crucible tongs for removing the crucible for pouring and one MF-1000 high purity graphite crucible with groove for use with crucible tongs. 



The outside measurements of a brand new MF-1000 1 Kilo capacity gold graphite crucible is 125 mm tall by 65 mm wide (measured at widest point). The crucible measures 50 mm wide below the lip. The inside dimensions are 38 mm across by 115 mm deep. These dimensions will change as the crucible is used as the graphite will wear as it is exposed to heat and air.

Temperature Table Setting:

In the SV / PV normal display mode, click the "Set" button, so that SV display is flashing, through the "<" button to find the desired set temperature digits, then

Use "" "" to change the set temperature, and then click "Set" button, the instrument back to SV / PV normal display.

In the normal display mode, press "Set" button for 3 seconds, the PV display shows parameter setting state, the SV display shows the corresponding values

Followed by "Set" key to display the following table Parameter Symbol: (all parameters have been set at the factory, do not tampered with)

NOTE: This unit has a display back function, when the operator to set parameters, modify, etc. forget return to the main display mode, the meter will automatically after 30 seconds


Move back to the main display mode, altered parameters without saving

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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