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Firescoff™ is a revolutionary heat activated ceramic spray coating. Firescoff™ combines a scale preventer, a high performance non-fluorinated flux (for both hard and soft solder) and the convenience of easy removal in warm water, all-in-one. Leading Jewelers and Jewelry Manufacturers have switched from using boric acid, paste flux, and pickle solution to Firescoff™ because Firescoff™ is faster, offers more protection for gemstones, and features a no-acid warm water cleanup.

  • Integrated non-fluorinated flux for consistent soft and hard solder welding.
  • Perform multiple soldering operations without waiting.
  • Enjoy strong, non-brittle, void-free welds.
  • Greater control when reticulating with silver or gold.
  • Superior performance over boric acid & Batterns flux or paste flux.
  • Provides stray heat protection for gemstones.
  • Prevents scaling of metal alloys including gold, stainless steel, copper, and silver.
  • Warm water cleanup - less than 2 minutes in an ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Remove dangerous pickling acids from the workbench.
  • Alcohol-free - no dangerous flash, no frustrating burn residue.
  • No smell, no outgassing.
  • Significant improvement in safety over traditional methods.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Butterfly Soul Girl
Best anti fire scale flux

After getting some sage advice from Sessin, Otto Frei’s Technical Advisor, on preheating the metal to between 250 - 400 degrees F, before spraying Firescoff on, this is my favorite flux. The problems of fire scale are no longer plaguing my silver. Heat, spray, watch it crystallize into white crunchy stuff, reheat, solder, quench, wash in warm water and spend your time doing something more fun and productive than cleaning fire scale. Helps eliminate the pickle and that’s a good thing all around.

Great Stuff

There is no substitute for this, the price may seem a bit daunting but well worth it. Awesome stuff!