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Foredom K.1040 Micromotor Kit-Ships Free

Part # 134.K1040
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by Foredom

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This is the new Foredom K.1040 Micromotor that replaces the previous Foredom K.1060 model.  The new K.1040 has 2 speed modes, high speed or low speed, with the new low speed mode giving you more usable torque at low speeds.  That means the K.1040 is even better at doing precision applications that require low speed power, like drilling holes in hard metals for stone setting.  The K.1040 is a big improvement from Foredom!

Great Quality-Great Price-Great Torque-Brushless Micromotor

Outstanding Foredom Quality Includes Twist-Turn Brushless Quick Change 3/32" Micromotor Handpiece-Dual Voltage 110/120 or 220/240*

The Foredom 1040 is also ideal for high-speed applications up to 50,000 rpm, including "bright cutting" with diamond tools and polishing. Brushless micromotor means you will never have to change carbon brushes.

Why buy the New Foredom K.1040? This is a new micromotor with lots of torque, and a new speed selector that delivers more torque at low speeds (500rpm to 5000 rpm). That means you get power at minimum speeds. The Maximum torque (Watts Output) is rated at 11.3 oz-in/ 8 N-cm or 160 Watts Output of power. What does that translate too? You get the torque you need at low speeds so the micromotor doesn't bog down under load when you are starting drill holes and setting stones. The low speed torque gives you the power and control you need to do precision work. Jewelers who try the Foredom K.1040 "torquey" micromotor love it! 50,000 RPM is impressive speed, but jewelers require low speed torque, not high speed, for doing precision work like stonesetting.

Foredom imports this micromotor kit but insists on strict quality control, testing every unit to make insure these micromotors will work as they should. The Foredom brand name means you can trust these machines to deliver outstanding performance right out of the box and beyond.

Within each speed mode, speed can be adjusted two different ways: Speed can be adjusted from low to full speed using the dial on the box, or with the standard variable speed foot pedal. An overload protector light turns red and sounds a beeping alarm when the motor stalls. The back of the control unit has a voltage selector switch for operating with either 110/120 or 220/240 volt (The plug supplied is standard North American-simply replace plug with the correct plug for your outlet).

Bur changes are quick and easy with a simple twist of the front section of the handpiece. The quick-change handpiece comes with a standard 3/32" collet installed. A separate 1/8" collet is included  and a 3 mm collet is available separately. Collets are changed with a supplied nose cone wrench and collet-changing wrench. The high-speed rotary handpiece has a slender, contoured grip for precise and very high speed work. It should be used with accessories rated for at least 50,000 rpm. The handpiece has permanently lubricated ball bearings. Putting even small amounts of oil into the handpiece can damage it. Do not submerge the handpiece in liquids! The Foredom 1040 micromotor has a two-year Foredom factory warranty.

The Foredom K.1040 micromotor will run in standard forward or reverse direction.

The Foredom K.1040 kit contains a spare fuse (inside fuse compartment) and 2 collet changing wrenches.


  • Ergonomic, comfortable grip
  • Brushless with long-lasting ball bearings
  • Easy bur changes - twist to release or lock bur
  • Designed for simple collet changes to use 3/32" (2.35mm) or 1/8" shank burs
  • Specs: 6-1/2" long, 1-1/8" diameter at thickness end, 1/2" diameter at nosecone, 5' long handpiece cord, weighs 8.9oz

Control Box with Front Panel LED:

  • Dial speed control sets precise speed and can set a maximum speed for operation with foot control
  • LED digital speed display
  • Select: Forward or Reverse rotation, Dial or Foot speed control, 115V or 230V
  • Built in overload protection
  • Convenient handpiece holder with four optional locations on control box
  • Tray with lip on top of control box to hold small items


-Brushless motor design - eliminating the need to replace carbon brushes
-Two-Speed settings:

  • Setting 1: Full speed range up to 50,000rpm
  • Setting 2: 500rpm - 5,000rpm.

-High-Torque start.
-Maximum Torque - (11.3oz-in. / 8 N-Cm) or 160 Watts Output Power.
-Sealed housing eliminates dust, noise and vibration.
-115 or 230 Volt.
-Two Year Warranty.
-UKCA and CE marked, double insulated.

Read owners manual HERE.

Caution: READ OWNERS MANUAL BEFORE USE. Always wear eye protection when using this or any other micromotor or flex shaft. Always check the maximum RPM limit for any tools used with this tool or any other micromotor or flex shaft. Important information on how to properly use this product, and general recommended RPM limits for most rotary tools, are included in the owners manual.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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