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Foredom K.2230 Flex Shaft Kit-115V

Part # 134.204
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by Foredom

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Product Details

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M.SR Foredom Motor-1/6HP, 18,000 RPM, 115V Reversible
Foredom C.FCT-1 Speed Control 115V
Foredom H.30 Adjustable Chuck Handpiece
Foredom AK11-43 Piece Accessory Kit with Rotating Tool and Bur Holder
Comes with standard key tip flexible shafts and sheaths for connecting to any Foredom and other Brand/Manufacturer's Quick Disconnect Key Tip Handpiece.

This is the best way to move up from a Dremel Tool

Foredom M.SR Motor: The 1/6HP, 115V, ball bearing SR Series Motor runs up to 18,000 RPM with all the power needed to accomplish almost any job on nearly any material without stalling or slowing down while under normal load.

Reversible: Having the ability to run the motor in reverse has several advantages:
- Left handed users have more control of the cutting tools when in reverse
- Reverse helps to keep dust and debris flying away from right handed users
- Alternating motor direction helps to extend the life of certain abrasives
- Reverse helps with symmetrical grinding and carving techniques
- Reverse makes it easier to back out drill bits that are stuck
- Alternating motor direction makes it easier and faster to polish metals

Caution: When using screw top mandrels with unmounted polishing wheels the reverse feature may unscrew the mandrel screw that holds the unmounted wheel onto the mandrel. Use only pre-mounted polishing wheels that are permanently mounted on mandrels when using the reverse feature.

Reliable: Every Foredom Motor Comes with a Two Year Warranty

The Foredom FCT Foot Speed Control: Foredom makes a top quality foot operated speed control with a distinctive wide profile that makes it easy to find beneath your bench. The Foredom FCT Foot Control is made with a tough high-impact plastic housing and has non-skid pads on the bottom so it doesn't move while in use. The FCT provides smooth control throughout the entire speed range.

The Foredom H.30 Adjustable Chuck Handpiece: The Foredom H.30 handpiece is the most popular jewelers handpiece in the United States and is standard equipment on just about every jeweler's workbench. The Foredom 30 spins true with no wobble at low speeds and can handle high-speed, heavy-duty work with ease. Features a Jacob style 3-jaw #0 chuck that opens to a maximum of 5/32". Comes with the CK-O chuck key with molded plastic handle.

AK11 43 Piece Accessory Kit: This 43 piece assortment contains 3M Scotch-Brite EXL Wheels, 3M Scotch-Brite Radial Bristle Discs and 3M Ceramic Purple Drums as well as several exclusive to Foredom products such as V StoneTM Abrasives, CW Polishing Wheels, and Metal Master TM Polishing Wheels. Also included are steel cutters & burs, wire and bristle brushes, a felt buff and platinum white polishing compound, and various mandrels for using the tools as well as the Rotary Bur and Tool Holder 119.928 (No. 10081). 25,000 RPM Max Speed.

California Prop 65 Warning:
This product can expose you to chemicals including Acrylonitrile, Carbon Black, Lead, and Butadiene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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