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Fox Cone Bur Set .9mm to 2.3mm (8 pieces)

Part # 118.036
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Product Details

Fox Cone Bur Set. Set of 8. 0.90mm to 2.30mm

This 8 piece bur set is made up of Swiss Made Tungsten Vanadium Cone Burs. Tungsten Vanadium Fox Cone Burs are the most popular burs used in the jewelry industry. Machine made to ultra high precision tolerances, Tungsten Vanadium steel burs are uniformly perfect, and cut precious metal smoothly and cleanly, with no chatter or drag. High Speed Steel (HSS) burs are individually hand cut so no two burs are exactly alike. Tungsten vanadium burs are not as long-lasting as USA made High Speed Steel burs. Tungsten Vanadium burs usually cost less than HSS burs.

This Fox Cone Bur Set is made up of Otto Frei Swiss Tungsten Vanadium burs. The most modern equipment in the world combined with Swiss steel hardening know-how makes this brand of burs our best seller. The burs have 3/32" diameter shafts.

This 8 piece Fox Cone Bur Set comes in a round plastic holder and contains one each of the following Tungsten Vanadium Fox Cone Burs:
  • F118.290 Otto Frei Fox Cone Bur - 5-009
  • F118.291 Otto Frei Fox Cone Bur - 5-010
  • F118.292 Otto Frei Fox Cone Bur - 5-012
  • F118.293 Otto Frei Fox Cone Bur - 5-014
  • F118.295 Otto Frei Fox Cone Bur - 5-016
  • F118.296 Otto Frei Fox Cone Bur - 5-018
  • F118.297 Otto Frei Fox Cone Bur - 5-021
  • F118.298 Otto Frei Fox Cone Bur - 5-023
  • 119.248   Round Plastic Holder

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