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Freeman Carveable Purple Injection Wax Flakes

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Product Details

Freeman Carveable Purple Flakes

Durable Carveable Injection Wax-For Designers and Casters that Need to Rework Wax Patterns

Sold by the Pound

Freeman Carve purple carevable injection wax delivers excellent carvability in an injection wax. This new wax features low shrinkage, excellent flow and low ash content, yet offers minimal gumming of wax files and rotary tools like that of traditional injection waxes. It is a durable wax that will not break under stress, and does not react to body heat from fingers while handling. Ideal for designers or any casters who find themselves often reworking wax patterns.

Carvable purple - Highly Carvable, minimal gumming on files and tools

Injection Temp. - 79°C 174°F

Some general notes on all Freeman Flakes Injection Waxes:

Low Specific Gravity Injection Wax.

Designed for platinum, gold, silver as well as industrial and dental alloys, Freeman Flakes™ injection wax has set the world standard in precision casting for years. With the lowest ash content available (0.003%), Freeman Flakes guarantees the cleanest burnout possible. 

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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