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Fretz 100 Series Master Stake Set with Vise Mounted Stake Holder

Part # 112.592-VH101
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by Fretz

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Product Details

Fretz 100 Series Master Set with VH-101 Vise Mounted Stake Holder (Fretz Set #102)

Now includes 2 FREE Fretz Instructional DVD's.

This is a master set of 100 Series stakes with all the necessary tools to allow these stakes to be used as Bill Fretz intended. This kit includes the VH-101 vise mounted stake holder (you can also buy this same kit with the H-101 bench/stump mounted stake holder, see part number 112.592-H101).

This set really unlocks the potential of the 100 Series stakes for making all types of fabricated bracelets, rings and sculpture pieces. For example, the T-101 double ended holder is included in this set as it is an important platform for using the 100 Series stakes. The T-101 allows you to get a deeper reach than is possible with just using the basic H-1L holder, allowing you to form very large jewelry and small holloware.

This set also includes the E101 and E-100 wedge set that will give you the extra length you need to mount the M-100 Mushroom stakes so the can be used in the raised position.

Finally this set will include the large T-Stakes that are used for larger projects with heavier metals.

This set includes:
  • 112.721 Fretz VH-101 Large Vise Holder For 100 Series Stakes
  • 112.722 Fretz T-101 Long Double Ended Holder For 100 Series Stakes
  • 112.724 Fretz E-101 Extended Holder For 100 Series Stakes
  • 112.725 Fretz E-100 Extractor Wedge For 100 Series Stakes
  • 112.618 Fretz R-101 Raising Stake 180mm Long
  • 112.619 Fretz R-102 Tapered Raising Stake 180mm Long
  • 112.731 Fretz M-101 High Dome Mushroom Stake 35mm Round
  • 112.732 Fretz M-102 Low Dome Mushroom Stake 35mm Round
  • 112.733 Fretz M-103 Flat Mushroom Stake 35mm Round
  • 112.734 Fretz M-104 Large Concave Stake 57mm Long
  • 112.735 Fretz M-105 Medium Concave Stake 46mm Long
  • 112.736 Fretz M-106 Small Concave Stake 32mm Long
  • 112.736A Fretz M-106A Small Concave Variant Stake 32mm Long
  • 112.737 Fretz M-107 X-Small Concave Stake 52mm Long
  • 112.738 Fretz M-108 Sloped Large Cone Stake 52mm Long
  • 112.739 Fretz M-109 Sloped Concave Cone Stake 52mm Long
  • 112.740 Fretz M-110 Sloped Convex Cone Stake 52mm Long
  • 112.741 Fretz M-111 40mm Convex Cuff Stake 36mm Long
  • 112.742 Fretz M-112 30mm Convex Cuff Stake 36mm Long
  • 112.743 Fretz M-113 20mm Convex Cuff Stake 36mm Long
  • 112.743A Fretz M-113A Starting Fluting Stake
  • 112.743B Fretz M-113B Finishing Fluting Stake
  • 112.744 Fretz M-114 10mm Convex Cuff Stake 36mm Long
  • 112.745 Fretz M-115 Low Compound Curve Stake 52mm Long
  • 112.746 Fretz M-116 Low Compound Curve Stake 52mm Long
  • 112.747 Fretz M-117 Flat Cuff Stake 52mm Long
  • 112.748 Fretz M-118 Baby Flat Cuff Stake 52mm Long
  • 112.749 Fretz M-119 Large Spoon Stake
  • 112.750 Fretz M-120 Medium Spoon Stake
  • 112.751 Fretz M-121 Small Spoon Stake
  • 112.752 Fretz M-122 Shallow Concave Stake
  • 112.753 Fretz M-123 Minimal Concave Stake
  • 112.629 Fretz Wood Stake Rack S-1 8-3/4" X 5"
  • 112.636 Fretz S-3 Wood Stake Rack 12" X 5"
  • 163.121 Fretz Productions DVD's - Convex
  • 163.122 Fretz Productions DVD's - Concave

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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