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Fretz AP-12 Cast Iron Annealing Pan 12 Inch

Part # 154.127
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by Fretz

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Product Details

The new Fretz Cast Iron Annealing Pans are a big improvement over what we have had before in annealing pans.

Fretz Cast Iron Annealing Pans are much heavier, giving you a very sturdy platform for annealing and soldering with a stable, deliberate rotation when needed.

No more wobbling like the lighter annealing pans.

The Fretz 12" Cast Iron Annealing Pan uses heavy duty bearings to support the added weight and the cast iron finish is first quality, just what you would expect from a Fretz product.

Fill the Fretz Cast Iron Annealing Pan with Bulk Pumice or Black Soldering Grain to complete your annealing station. This 12" lb can take up to 2 lbs of pumice if you fill it to the rim. Second image above shows pan with 1 lb of our bulk pumice.

Another great thing about the Fretz Cast Iron Annealing Pan is you can use it as a soldering station. Fretz has designed these pans to also be used with the popular white soldering boards. The 12" x 12" board fits snugly across the top of the pan held in cast in slots.

The Fretz Cast Iron Annealing pan is available in 2 sizes, 12" and 6"

This is the 12" diameter pan, part number 154.127

See part number 154.126 for the 6" diameter pan.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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It’s big and it’s got some serious weight to it.

Cast Iron Annealing Pan

Obviously, a cast iron pan on a rotating platform could probably be made for much cheaper, but this is a fantastic product, looks and works great. I suspect it will last a lifetime. Please note: The silquar soldering boards are not cut with enough precision to fit into this product which is disappointing as I prefer them over the solderite boards.