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Fretz HMR-302 Narrow Stretching Hammer

Part # 137.341-NSH
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by Fretz

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Product Details

New in 2015 from Bill and Jordan Fretz, these Extra Large Silversmith Hammers are for when you need to move thicker metals without having to exert yourself. The weight of these hammers make the process of hammering heavy gauge metal easier because the weight of the hammer does the work rather than your arm and shoulders. These hammers do require some added strength to weld but they don't have to be used with anger. Rather let the size and weight of these extra-large silversmiths hammer do the work for you.

These hammers are considerable larger than anything Fretz has offered in the past with hammer weights including handles ranging from 350 to 800 grams (3/4 lbs to 1-3/4 lbs). The handles are fantastic as you have come to expect from Fretz, well-formed, smooth to the touch and nicely finished with thicker diameters than the Fretz Large Silversmith line. Heads are cast 422 Stainless Steel with fully polished ends. For use with non-ferrous metals. These hammers are available individually or in a set of 5. See part number 137.341-KIT for kit.

The HMR-302 is similar to the HMR-301 but with narrower faces. This hammer is the correct choice for stretching and moving the metal from the inside within tight curves. The HMR-302 is a good hammer for shaping the area around the opening of a shape to dome it inward.

Name Specification
Brand Fretz
Face Shape Cross-pein
Face Sizes 30 x 15mm & 30 x 9mm
Overall Length 11"
Head Length 160mm
Head Type Forming
Head Weight 14.1 oz. (400g)
Country of Origin Vietnam

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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Rhett F
Fretz Does It Again

Using this hammer is a pleasure, it looks so good hanging out on my bench or hitting metal.