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Fretz Revere R-GF Goldsmithing/Crosspein Hammer

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by Fretz

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Product Details

From Alan Revere:
"This is my signature combination of two essential hammer faces. It is ideal for small forging projects. The cross peen is used to stretch metal in one direction when forging. The goldsmithing face is used for radial forging, moving metal outward in all directions, as well as planishing to remove marks left by the cross peen. Both faces can be used to produce attractive textures. There is no need to polish either end, just keep them tidy with Scotch Brite® or 220 abrasive paper. Unless this hammer is the final tool to touch the work, there is no need to polish. This hammer is required for classes at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, California."

The new Revere Goldsmithing Hammer is a collection of well sorted details, starting off with the hammer head, which seems smaller than others, yet is surprisingly hefty and well balanced in the hand. The goldsmithing end is domed for precise use, while the cross peen end is larger than the riveting end found on the Revere Chasing hammer and can be used for raising or texturing. The handle shape chosen is round, and not a pistol shape, as the round shape is sturdier compared to the pistol grip.

One big difference in the Revere Goldsmithing Hammer vs. other hammers in general is the texture used for the handles. Mr. Revere prefers many of his tools to have textured handles for more sensitivity in the hands. A good example is the Revere Pliers, which have a distinctive texturing. A great deal of time was spent in getting this texture just right to Alan's specifications. Unlike the smooth polished handles of other Fretz hammers, the Revere handles are worked to have a distinctive, deep texture.

Aspect Specification
Brand Fretz
Face Shape Rectangular/Round
Face Sizes 15 x 4mm & 15mm
Overall Length 9-1/8"
Head Length 77mm
Head Type Goldsmithing
Head Weight 2.7 oz. (77g)
Country of Origin Vietnam

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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