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GemOro 1956 CZ Master Set Pro 3-1.00ct 11 Stone Set

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by GemOro

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Product Details

World’s First 11 Stone D-N Set!

Professionally color grade diamonds in seconds with GEMORO’S new generation CZ Master Set Pro 3!

Featuring the largest range of diamond colors available D-N

Each stone in the precision CZ Master Set Pro 3™ is treated with GemOro’s proprietary ColorLast™ Technology to ensure permanent color saturation. It is expertly hand graded to master diamond color standards using the GIA grading scale.

  • Largest range of reference available :D,E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M and N
  • 6.5mm Diameter CZ's (1 Ct. Diamond Size)
  • Featuring proprietary ColorLast™ Technology.
  • Standard GIA grading scale with laser inscribed color ID.
  • Protective storage case with built-in grading tray
  • Leatherette carrying pouch.
  • Includes solitaire ring stone holder set for comparing mounted stones.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty against color change.
  • New Natural Daylight Illumination
  • New UV fluorescence Detection

Why bother using an expensive genuine diamond color grading set when you can own a certified and registered Cubic Zirconia (CZ) master set that has a GemOro lifetime limited warranty* against color change. Each stone is electronically graded using state of the art technology in the Gran Colorimeter, double checked by a certified professional and an accredited gem lab, and then each set is individually numbered and certified to ensure authenticity. The stones come in a unique display container made from color grading approved UV inhibiting Acrylite. To identify the color grade and to facilitate in re-sorting the stones, the individual color of each stone is laser inscribed on the stones table (not the girdle) for easy viewing with a 10X loupe. Made in the USA, these CZ master sets use the GIA grading scale and are simply the best CZ master sets you can buy. The stones are 1.00 Carat Diamond Size (6.50 mm diameter CZ's). The GemOro Master Super Sets come with one yellow and one white solitaire ring stone holders for comparing mounted stones and a protective leatherette carrying pouch. 

To turn the CZ Master Set Pro 3 ON, press the round power button, located on the rear side of the case. The white natural daylight LED's will illuminate. Press the button again to turn ON the UV LED's. Press the button again to turn it OFF.

The set comes in GEMORO’s PATENTED LED illuminated grading and storage case, featuring daylight and UV LEDs, powered by rechargeable NiMH batteries and a micro-USB charging/power system.

* The new super CZ master set from GemOro has two warranties, one for the case and another for the stones inside.

For the case: The case is covered by a 1 year limited warranty in the event of a defect as a result of material or workmanship.

For the stones: The CZ's are covered by a lifetime limited warranty against color change, assuming the CZ's are used in a professional environment, and are not exposed to extreme heat, and or UV radiation. The warranty is limited to replacement only. There are no other expressed or implied warranties that relate to the CZ master super set. Warranty is serviced by GemOro Superior Instruments of Dallas, Texas and warranty registration is required. Registration information is included with each set. 

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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