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Glardon Flex Shaft Kit Model AK11 with Accessories

Part # 134.200
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Product Details

We put together the Glardon-Vallorbe flex shaft with a popular collection of bits and burs to make a great starter flex shaft kit.

The Glardon Flex Shaft Kit Model AK11 includes the following:

1/8 hp, 20,000 rpm Ball Bearing Motor
Electronic Foot Control
Adjustable chuck (0-5/32") #30 Type Handpiece
Rotating Bur Stand
Foredom AK11 Accessory Kit Containing 43 Tools
Valued at $85.00 if bought separately:
  • 3M Scotch-Brite EXL Wheels
  • 3M Ceramic Purple Sanding Drums with Mandrel
  • 3M Bristle Brush Wheels with Mandrel
  • V Stone Abrasive Wheel
  • CW Polishing Wheels
  • Metal Master Polishing Wheels
  • Steel Cutters and Burs
  • Wire & Bristle Brushes
  • Felt Wheel
  • Platinum White Polishing Compound

About the Glardon-Vallorbe Flex Shaft:
This economy flex shaft is made by the worlds leading producer of flex shaft machines and accessories. This same machine is sold under a variety of brand names all over the world including Grobet USA. Manufactured in China, just like all flex shaft machines, these units looks just like the leading brand name but they are not the same quality but rather a less expensive economy version of the leading brand.

Compared to other economy flex shafts however, these unit is equal to or better than the competition as there are many flex shaft copies in the marketplace.

This Glardon-Vallorbe flex shaft makes a great starter for students and hobbyist or anyone that occasionally needs a flex shaft. If you are interested in a daily workhorse for your shop or always buy the best, we recommend that you buy a Foredom flex shaft kit.

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