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Glardon-Vallorbe Habilis LH2630 Files Sets of 5-Cut 00 & Cut 1

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Cut: 00 Extra Coarse

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Product Details

Habilis Hand Files are parallel in width and thickness. One side is safe. Measurements given are at the thickest point of the file.

From Glardon-Vallorbe of Switzerland, Habilis files offer the craftsman something really different . . . precision files designed for those "in-between" jobs too big for needle files and requiring finer control than a larger, heavier file can deliver. The distinctive design includes a built-in handle . . . no separate handle to buy. They are shaped for easy handling and balanced for efficient cutting. These strong, durable files are ideal for a surprising variety of uses. The length of cut is 4". Overall length is 8-1/2". This includes a Glardon-Vallorbe factory file pouch for keeping your files safe and secure.

Choose from 2 cuts:
  • 133.831 LH2630-00 Extra Coarse
  • 133.832 LH2630-1 Medium Coarse

Habilis files are made the same way with the same materials as the more expensive Glardon-Vallorbe standard precision hand files but cost less as they have less surface area than the comparable shaped standard precision hand file. There tangs are longer and double as handles, so no need to buy separate handles with the Habilis files. This is the set of 5 Habilis file set, containing one each of the following Habilis files:
  • Hand File 
  • Half-Round File 
  • Round File 
  • Square File
  • 3-Square File
Very stout and removes material fast as they do not flex and do not need a handle. If you just buy one shape you Will come back for more.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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