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GRS 030-520MPV Attachment Set With Pin Plates & Jaw Pins For Multi-Purpose Vise

Part # 103.520MPV
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Product Details

GRS Attachment set for GRS 004-628 (104.628) Multi-Purpose Vise. Same pins as found in the regular attachment set (103.520) plus the two pin plates, 103.527 Fixed Pin Plate with two 1/4" Pins and 103.526 Swivel Pin Plate with one 1/4" pins, and four 1/4" pins 103.015 that fit directly into the Multi-Purpose Vise.

Helps you quickly hold whatever you are working on.  All these tools have posts that measure 3.6 mm (0.14") in diameter.  They can be used with the various upper jaw pin plates used with the blocks that GRS manufactures.

They fit with the upper jaw pin plates used with the following GRS tools:

103.773 GRS 003-773 MircoBlock XL
103.683 GRS 003-683 MicroBlock
103.530 GRS 003-530 Standard Block*
103.615 GRS 003-615 Low Profile Block*
103.541 GRS 003-541 Positioning Block*
103.021 GRS 003-021 MagnaBlock*
103.527 GRS 003-527 Fixed Upper Jaw Pin Plate with 2 Pins
103.526 GRS 003-526 Swivel Upper Jaw Pin Plate with 1 Pins
103.651 GRS 003-651 MicroBlock Short Jaw Kit

*These blocks when sold as new include the separate Upper Jaw Pin Plates-(Fixed Pin Plate and the Swivel Pin Plate) that are used for holding these attachments.

GRS 003-520MPV Attachment Set Includes:

8-Small Pins
4-Flat Square Pins
2-Rectangular Inset-Curve Pins
4-Thick Round Inset Pins
8-Rubber Coasted Pins
2-Leather Faced Ring Clamp Pins
1-Fixed Pin Plate with two 1/4" pins
1-Swivel Pin Plate with one 1/4" pin
4-Pins 1/4" Diameter
1-Molded Base

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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