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GRS DVD Diamond Setting Bead & Bright Cut With Don Glaser

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This 2-hour professionally produced video created over 30 years ago that focuses on bead setting both large and small diamonds. You will learn setting as if you studied with a live instructor without leaving home. This DVD includes multiple small stone setting, the building block of Pave work, in an easy to follow sequence. From drilling and preparing the stone seat, raising each bead, to the final bright cuts, you'll see exactly how it's done. 
This DVD shows GRS equipment in use. Don Glaser, the founder of GRS/Glendo, demonstrates these techniques using the equipment he invented, along with traditional cutting and setting tools. This video is a great video for anyone who wants to know more about stone setting, and particularly for owners of GRS stone setting and engraving equipment.


  • Introduction
  • Equipment and Tool Description
  • 5mm Stone Setting Demonstration
  • Reference Material
  • Stone Setting Demonstration with Technical Explanation
  • 2mm Stone Setting Demonstration
  • Closing & Credits

About Don Glaser-from the DVD cover: 
Almost 40 years of metalworking experience, combined with over 20 years of hand engraving experience, made Don Glaser uniquely qualified to teach the two most important aspects of plate setting diamonds:

  • Machining-To prepare a proper seat for a diamond
  • Engraving-To raise the beads, bright cut, and finish the mounting.

With this DVD, you will see a step by step sequence of the process-and learn many valuable aspects of the machining requirements to manipulate the drills and burs-to prepare the seat. ...(Don) teaches you which gravers can be used for each task-how to manipulate them-and, even more important, how to prepare and sharpen them to achieve success. While we realize that a two-hour DVD cannot teach all the knowledge required to bead set diamonds, it is a valuable audio visual resource that supplements other recommended material, as well as stone setting schools and seminars. 
Don recommends the Robert R. Wooding Diamond Setting Series (available in books or DVD), The Jewelry Repair Manual and The Jewelry Engravers Manual both by R. Allen Hardy and The Art of Engraving by James B. Meek as recommended study material. All these books are available on the website.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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