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GRS GraverMach AT with 901ATSS, Magnum ATSS, & NSK Rotary Handpieces

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Product Details

GRS GraverMach AT with 901ATSS, Magnum ATSS, & NSK Rotary Handpieces Kit

The GraverMach AT with the 901ATSS handpiece, the Magnum ATSS handpiece and the NSK Rotary handpiece is the super ultimate stonesetting and engraving system kit.

GraverMach AT combines the GraverMach with the Airtact Touch Control
The New Ultimate Stone Setting & Engraving System

Dual Voltage115V/230V Notice-version sold in USA is no longer CE Compliant.  Not for use in countries where CE compliance is required.

With both the Stainless Steel 104.901ATSS and the Magnum Stainless Steel 104.940ATSS handpieces, you can change from foot control to hand control with a flick of a switch. And with the NSK Rotary handpiece, you can use 1/16" rotary tools up to 400,000 rpm!

The 104.901ATSS is the preferred Airtact handpiece because of its shorter length compared to the Magnum handpiece in its Airtact form (some people may find the Magnum handpiece just a bit too long for comfortable all day use). So our dual handpiece GraverMach AT kit now includes the versatile "901" handpiece, in stainless steel, with the built in Airtact capable control & the more powerful Magnum handpiece. also with the built in Airtact capable control. Either one of these handpieces can be used with foot control or hand control with a simple flick of a switch on the new GraverMach AT.

The New GraverMach AT replaces the no longer in production GraverMach.  The New GraverMach AT now includes a built-in Airtact System for touch and foot control. The features found on the no longer in production GraverMach are now found on The New GraverMax G8.

Never before has a pneumatic handpiece system given the user so much versatility and control. A remarkable technical breakthrough is the seamless combination of hand and foot control. Using one simple knob, the user can choose between hand or foot control whenever they desire. This allows optimal working comfort and precision in a wider range of creative jobs than ever.

The new GraverMach AT is wonderfully familiar to anyone who uses its predecessors including the GraverMax, GraverMax SC or the original GraverMach. But the expanded capability of precise, selectable hand control puts this new power tool in a class by itself. The hand control technology is based on the GRS Airtact. This advanced (patent pending) air logic system provides hand power control without adding moving parts to the handpiece itself. The result is a rugged and intuitive way to control handpiece power by hand. But remember, when foot control is preferred, it’s only 2 seconds away.

It’s one simple selector knob, but it instantly gives you greater control, choice and refinement in your work. The ability to instantly change from hand to foot control whenever you want means new creative freedom and reduced stress

Designed around the engraver and stonesetter’s need for power, finesse and control, the GraverMach AT provides it all in a compact package. The front mounted precision regulator is easy to adjust and use, the combination filter and water trap can be mounted on the machine or remotely for easy access. The dual voltage capability means you can use this machine just about anywhere in the world just by choosing the correct adapter.  (The unit is supplied with a US style IEC electrical cord plus schuko adapter). The transformer is rated at 100 - 240 Volts, 50/60 Hz. and carries UL, GS and LPS certifications. Notice-version sold in USA is no longer CE Compliant.  Not for use in countries where CE compliance is required.  From the first time you power up the GraverMach AT you will be amazed with its smooth, quiet performance. New porting technology gives your handpiece crisp impact from the low end to the high end. Stroke speed is adjustable from 400 to 8000 strokes per minute; the new front mounted bias valve setting allows the user to tailor the foot throttle feel. The power and air hookups are in the rear of the console and are mounted high to clear the bench top ledge found on many engraving and jewelry work surfaces. The handpiece hookups are now made with quick coupling fittings allowing the GraverMach AT to work with all your existing GraverMax handpieces.

This kit contains:

  • 104.960 GraverMach AT GRS 004-965
  • 104.901ATSS 901 Stainless Steel Airtact Capable Handpiece GRS 004-901ATSS
  • 104.940ATSS Magnum Stainless Steel Airtact Capable Handpiece GRS 004-940ATSS
  • 104.850 GRS-NSK Ultra 850 Rotary Handpiece* NSK T815001

The GraverMach AT requires compressed air-1.4cfm at 45 psi minimum (40 litres per minute at 3 bar minimum) 2 year factory warranty.

*NSK rotary handpiece can reach speeds up to 400,000 RPM's. Uses 1/16" bits only. The NSK rotary handpiece is great for using diamond tools.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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