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GRS GraverMax G8 with Magnum and Monarch Handpieces

Part # 104.529B
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Product Details

GRS GraverMax G8 with Magnum Handpiece & Monarch Handpieces 

The GraverMax G8 with 2 handpieces kit features the Best Selling GRS System for Stonesetting and Engraving Applications.

This kit includes:

104.529 GraverMax G8 GRS 004-995
104.940 Magnum Handpiece with 6 quick change tool holders GRS 004-940
104.921 Monarch Handpiece with 6 quick change tool holders GRS 004-921

The GRS GraverMax G8 Features:

2 Impact Handpiece Outlets
1 Auxiliary Air Outlet
Built in Bias Control
Precision Air Regulator
Made in the USA
The world leader in engraving and stonesetting technology since 1977 

Dual Voltage 100-240V, 50-60HzPlease Note:The Version sold in the USA is no longer CE Compliant.  Not for use in countries where CE compliance is required.

The GraverMax G8 is identical in features to the no longer in production GraverMach.  The no longer in production GraverMach has been replaced by the GraverMach AT which now includes a built-in Airtact System for touch and foot control.

The Glendo GRS GraverMax G8 has several major improvements over the no longer in production GraverMax SC.  The GraverMax G8 is identical in features to the no longer in production GraverMach. The GraverMax G8 features:

  • Built in Bias Control Valve for improved control and feel.  The Bias Control Valve was previously only available on the GraverMach.
  • Top Quality Air Regulator.  Glendo is now using a new and improved air regulator that maintains precise and accurate output.

The GraverMax G8 replaces the GraverMax SC, which replaced the original GraverMax.  The GraverMax G8 has the same new porting technology found on the GraverMach AT, for improved handpiece performance from low to high speed. Other improvements are the smaller footprint of the box, so that the GraverMax G8 takes up less workbench space, while the power and air hookups on the back of the unit have been raised to clear the railing found on most workbenches. Small detail changes include moving the foot control connection from the front to the back, so the hose is out of your way, and making the combination filter and water trap movable, so it can now be mounted on the machine or remotely for easier access, and making the front handpiece connections with quick coupling fittings. GRS has also upgraded the air regulator that is now mounting on the front of the unit for easy access, with a better quality component that will hold a precise setting. Last but not least, the new GraverMax G8 is now dual-voltage. The dual voltage capability means you can use this machine anywhere in the world just by changing the standard power cord or using a plug adapter as this version is sold with a standard North American 3 prong plug. The transformer is rated at 100 - 240 Volts, 50/60 Hz. and carries UL, GS and LPS certifications. Otto Frei’s GRS products come with the standard USA 110 Volt plug, but all you have to do is switch the plug and flick a switch to convert to 240 Volt operation. Notice-version sold in USA is no longer CE Compliant.  Not for use in countries where CE compliance is required.

The GraverMax G8 is Airtact capable. Airtact control box and Airtact handpieces necessary for Airtact use.

Requires Compressed air-1.4cfm at 45 psi minimum (40 liters per minute at 3 bar minimum)

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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