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Ikohe Extra Small Magnetic Tumbler-80 mm-110V

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by Ikohe

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Product Details

The extra small magnetic tumbler has a 80 mm diameter bowl and has a capacity of 2 ladies rings while moving up to 75 grams of stainless steel pins. We recommend this machine for the jeweler who needs to do one or two rings at a time, as this small magnetic tumbler is perfect for such work. (If you need to do production work, we recommend the 150mm or larger machines). This is a great choice for the jeweler who produces hand made pieces one at a time.


This unit is built with many of the same heavy-duty features of our larger magnetic tumblers and can easily handle the rigors of daily use. Sold complete with 100 grams (for best results, use 75 grams at a time) of  0.5mm x 5.0 mm stainless steel magnetic pins and a small sample Otto MF 610 magnetic tumbler solution. 110V/60C


Magnetic Tumbling  

What's it all about? Magnetic tumbling has revolutionized the art of jewelry polishing, cutting hours of expensive hand labor from the process. Magnetic tumblers can polish to a bright finish the undersides of rings, undercuts, channels, fine filigree and other hard to reach places in as little as 30 minutes for gold and 45 minutes for platinum. How does it work? Imagine thousands of smooth tiny hammers pounding the surface of your jewelry. These hammers are burnishing the surface, just like if you took a polished steel burnisher and rubbed in against the surface. These tiny hammers can reach into the smallest crevices and channels, easily reaching places that you take a long time to finish by hand. The result is that the surface becomes bright, shiny and work-harden. For these hard to reach places, the polishing is complete. All this is done much more quickly than what you could do in conventional rotary or vibratory tumblers and there is no metal loss as magnetic tumbling is not an abrasive process. The smooth broad surfaces of your jewelry are now ready for a final quick polish by hand or in polishing media.


Fast-In a matter of minutes you can shine hard to reach places that would otherwise require extensive hand finishing. Saves time and money. Burnishes & Shines-The hammering action work hardens your entire piece which is now bright and shiny. No Metal Loss-does not remove metal from your piece.


Not a Final Polish May leave behind an orange peel effect on smooth broad surfaces. Does Not Remove Scratches or Imperfections-Since there is no metal abrasion or metal loss, the process does not remove scratches. 


California Prop 65 Warning:
This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium and Nickle, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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