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Ikohe Hand Held Multi-Angle Sawing Jig

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Product Details

For Perfect Cutting Of Tubing And Stock With Multiple Angles 15º,30º, 45º, & 90º (Chenier Cutter) Use this hand held sawing jig chenier cutter for cutting perfectly flat pieces of metal stock or tubing. Making perfectly flat cuts by hand with a sawblade is very difficult to do, and making angle cuts that will match is near impossible. With this tool every cut is perfect. Make straight 90o straight cuts, or achieve perfect 15o, 30o or 45o degree angle cuts. No need to true you work with a file, just a light touch of fine emery paper to finish a clean end, or rough it up a bit with coarse paper to make a better solder joint.

Just lay the tubing or stock across the V slot channel, clamp the piece down with the finger held holder and saw away. This tool also has a removable adjustable end stop for making repeatable lengths of product.

Made by Ikohe in India

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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Leslie Villarreal

This is an awesome Tube jig! The brake attachment works great for sawing multiple tubes of the same sizes. Holds various sizes of tubing and has several angles of accurate groves to give you perfect cuts!