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JEM 110-610 Otto Frei Jewelry Tool Kit

Part # 138.563
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Product Details

This tool kit is made for students taking classes at the Academy of Art University School of Jewelry and Metal Arts (JEM) of San Francisco program, but you don't have to be a student there to appreciate it. Put together from a request from the JEM department, this kit contains many but not all of the same tools found in our Otto Frei Simple Jewelry Tool Kit plus the addition of several items the students needed but where previously purchased separately. It is used for both the JEM 110 and the JEM 610 classes.
Complete list of items included in this kit

116.311 Brass Scratch Brush With Lucite Handle
118.056 Burnisher-Curved
121.095 Stay Sharp Lubricant 1-2/3 Oz. Push Up Tube
128.514 JEM Student Twist Drill Assortment-2 ea sizes 76-72-67-60-55-52-46-43
LA2442-2 Glardon-Vallorbe LA2442-2 Swiss Made Needle File Sets Of Six - Cut 2 Medium
129.623 Single Lens Loupe 3.5x
133.984 Japanese Jewelers File Cleaner with Plastic Cleaner
135.0703 Machinist Square 95mm X 65mm
135.092 Divider Black Body 3"
135.158 Value Line Brass Slide Gauge
135.511 Jewelers Rule!-Otto Frei Jewelry Makers Scale
137.114 Hammer-Ball Pein 4-oz Value Line
137.198 Hammer-Chasing 
137.646 Plastic Mallet-3-1/2" Head Diameter -7 oz.
143.079 Value Line Ring Mandrel-Graduated-USA Sizes 1 to 15
146.602 Carbon Steel 5" Value Line Flat Nose Pliers
146.604 Carbon Steel 5" Value Line Round Nose Pliers
146.606 Carbon Steel 5" Value Line Chain Nose Pliers
146.610 Carbon Steel 4-3/4" Value Line-Diagonal Cutters
147.306 Blue Denim Apron
147.460 Simichrome Polish - 50 Grams Tube
147.464 Renaissance Wax Micro-Crystalline Wax Polish 2.25 oz.
147.900 Centering Punch
148.125 Standard Wood Ring Clamp
149.405D Otto Frei Swiss 3/0 Saw Blades by The Dozen: 12 Pieces (X 2)
149.739 Saw Frame-Classic-70 mm Depth
152.101 Scrapers-Hollow 3 Inch
152.958 Scriber With Knurled Handle 5"
153.142 Bezel Roller
154.442 Ottoflux Paste Flux 8 oz
157.0752 Tweezers #2 Stainless Steel
158.240 Vise Pin Double End 4-1/8 Inch Long
162.500 The Complete Metalsmith Book

Would you like to see a special jewelry tool kit put together for your jewelry course? Give us a call at 800-772-3456 and ask for Amber at extension 102 or Wyatt at extension 107. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and how your school and your students can benefit from an Otto Frei custom Jewelry Tool Kit.

California Prop 65 Warning:
Cancer and Reproductive Harm.

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