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48 Hours Only: Save 10% on orders of $500 or more! Use code: FLASH at checkout. Some exclusions apply.

Jura by GRS 500-510 QC Complete Set with GRS MicroBlock

Part # 129.500510
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Product Details

This is the Jura by GRS 500-510 QC Complete Set with GRS MicroBlock.

This set contains the Jura by GRS QC Basic Set plus all full collection of 13 different attachments for the set. With this set the artist will have all the tools necessary to do just about any kind of stone setting work possible.

Otto Frei began distributing Jura products in September 2015 and introduced Jura products to customers in the USA at the JCK show in 2016. GRS became the worldwide manufacturer and distributor of Jura products branded as Jura by GRS in late 2019, beginning shipments of product in March of 2020.  Production stopped in March 2023 and GRS sold the remaining inventory of Jura by GRS products to Otto Frei on April 30, 2024.  Otto Frei is selling the remaining Jura by GRS products until our stock of Jura by GRS is sold out.


Jura is a master stonesetter from the Netherlands who specialized in the highest quality micro-stonesetting. Through the years he has created these specialized tools for holding a wide variety of jewelry items that he has been commissioned to stone set, most notably rings but including watch cases, beads and just about anything a customer could come up with. These jaws hold a variety of attachments for holding rings from the inside or other various shaped items like beads and such from the outside. Other jigs are meant to be used with a thermoplastic like GRS's Thermo-Lock, Jett-Set or traditional shellac.



GRS MicroBlock Ready For the Jura by GRS tools*

129.980 Jura by GRS 500.509 Basic Quick Change Set

Which includes:

500.018 Jura by GRS 500-018 Microblock Master Jaw Set (Not Available Separately)
129.985 Jura by GRS 500-010 Inside Ring Holder Jig Set Clamp 
129.995A Jura by GRS 500-011 Inside Ring Holder Screw Set (Not Available Separately)
129.995 Jura by GRS 500-504 10 Piece Expandable Collet Set
129.993 Jura by GRS 500-007 Flat Clamp with Groove

129.989 Jura by GRS 502-501 M6 Plate with M6 Thread & Screw

Then one each of the following:

129.991A Jura by GRS 500-506 Ball Holders
129.991B Jura by GRS 500-507 Tapered Holders
129.992A Jura by GRS 502-015 Shellac/Thermo-Loc Knurled Cylinder
129.992B Jura by GRS 502-502  Shellac/Thermo-Loc Triangle Cylinder
129.985A Jura by GRS 500-001 Cylinder Top 6mm with Groove
129.985B Jura by GRS 500-002 Cylinder Top 10mm
129.986A Jura by GRS 500-003 Round Top 20mm
129.986B Jura by GRS 500-004 Straight Top 20mm
129.986C Jura by GRS 500-005 Straight Top 40mm
129.988 Jura by GRS 500-014 Shellac Plate
129.990 Jura  by GRS 500-013 Thermo-Loc Jaw Clamps
129.983 Jura by GRS 500-078 Jaw Set with 3/32" Pin Holes
129.984 Jura by GRS 500-009 Outside Ring Holding Jaw Set

*GRS Microblock ready for the Jura By GRS Basic Set. This is a standard GRS 103.683 supplied without the GRS pin hole jaw set.



California Prop 65 Warning:
This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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