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Jura by GRS 502-023 Microscope Stand For Meiji EMZ

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Product Details

New Version-For the Meiji EMZ Series Microscopes-Now Allows for 2 Mounting Methods:
  • Conventional Jura style bench back wall mounting
  • New bench top mounting

Jura is a master stonesetter from the Netherlands who specializes in the absolute highest quality micro-stonesetting for the jewelry trade. Some of the biggest names in the jewelry industry use his services, and his business is doing quite well. He has developed his own tools to suit his exacting standards, and is willing to share his expertise with other talented stonesetters around the world, teaching in his workshop and recently at the GRS headquarters in the United States.

Jura's tools are made to work with several popular Glendo GRS tools, most notably the GRS Microblock.

Micro-stonesetting must be done under a microscope and Jura has made his own custom microscope stand that allows for simple and secure microscope mounting without a lot of benchtop clutter. Unlike the popular and versatile GRS acrobat stand, which is meant to swing out of the way when not in use, the jura microscope stand is meant to hold a microscope in one place for one specific task-micro-stonesetting.

For conventional jura style bench mounting:

The Jura microscope stand can be mounted on a Jura style bench with a mounting wall that is no more than 18" away from the front edge of the bench top. The Jura microscope stand is not designed for wall mounting behind the typical jewelers workbench, as the maximum extension of the 1-3/8" diameter horizontal tube front to back is 12". The larger 1-5/8" diameter vertical tube, which fits into the 4-hole mounting bracket, measures 16-3/4" (425mm) long.

For direct bench top mounting:

The new version of the Jura microscope stand can now be mounted directly to a bench top. For directly bolting the vertical tube to your workbench, you will need access to the underside of your bench in order to fix the mounting hardware. The new version includes a longer vertical tube, now 16-3/4" (425mm) long, which will give you the required working distance between your scope and your micro-block. The new version includes a mounting ring and bolt. You will need to drill a 3/8" diameter hole in your bench to mount the stand in this manner. The mounting bolt supplied will allow for a maximum bench top thickness of 1-1/2". For thicker tops you will need to source a longer bolt.

The adjustments for the stand are made with the same key used on the GRS Mircoblock.

The Jura Microscope stand includes a microscope mount with an inside diameter of 84mm (3.3”) that fits the Ottosetters microscope and the Meiji microscopes we sell as well as many other microscopes. The mounting ring is 31mm wide and 7mm thick. Scope heads are held in place with an adjustable set screw.

Mounting Note:

Before mounting the Jura microscope stand please note that the stand holds the scope off center to your right while looking at the stand. If you wish to have your microscope centered on your bench, you will need to attach the 4-hole mounting bracket to the left of center on your bench.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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