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Kaya Cast Chamber Vacuum Invest & Cast Machine

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Product Details

Arbe table top casting machines are the professional's choice for casting machines. Designed to be easy to use and extremely reliable, the Arbe Kaya Cast vacuum casting machine is well made and built to last. 

The Arbe can be used with both solid and perforated flasks with perforated flasks used set inside the right side vacuum chamber and solid flasks set up on top of the vacuum chamber.  Adapter plates are included for using 3-1/2" and 4" diameter perforated flasks and for solid flask casting on top. 5" diameter perforated flasks do not require an adapter plate. Maximum perforated flask size that will invest inside the bell jar and vacuum cast inset in the machine is 5" diameter by 7" tall.

Investing is done inside the bell jar on the left hand side of the machine.  The control handle selects which side of the machine the vacuum is directed too.

Casting using perforated flasks inside the casting chamber allows for vacuum assistance from the walls of the flask and not just the bottom.  This extra pull can assist in making casts more successful.  Great castings can also be achieved with solid wall flasks casting on top of the casting chamber.


Spring Mounted Investment Table  11" x 11"
German 1/2HP 3 CFM dual stage deep draw vacuum pump
EZ flow oil input
Double lined vacuum hose
23" Wide x 11" Deep x 14" High (excluding bell jar)
Made in the USA
Choose from 110V or 220V

4" Flask Adapter Plate For Chamber
4" Silicone Gasket
3-1/2" Flask Adapter Plate For Chamber
3-1/2" Silicone Gasket
Solid Standard Solid Flask Adapter Plate For Top of Chamber 
Round Silicone Gasket for Standard Flasks
3-1/2" x 4" Perforated Flask
3-1/2" Sprue Base
Rubber Investing Pad
9" Diameter x 8" High Bell Jar
Vacuum Pump Oil
Flask size (maximum): 5" Diameter x 7" Height

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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