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Knew Concepts Bench Clamp-Magnet Type

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Product Details

The Knew Concept Dovetail Bench Clamp-Magnet Type is a beautifully designed tool that sets a new high standard for jeweler's bench clamps. Using the GRS like dovetail mounting plate you can set up a bench pin or any GRS system tool anywhere you like in your workshop.  You can easily take it with you on the road for doing shows or perhaps even some outdoor work when it strikes your fancy.  It can be adjusted to fit a variety of table thicknesses from a 3/4" (19 mm) thick card table to a 3-5/8" (94 mm) thick woodworkers workbench.

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Magnet Version Bench Clamp

Knew Concepts has given you a variety of ways to screw down and clamp the 2-piece system to accommodate obstacles and railings. Even with the most difficult mounting choices at least one of the varieties of clamping choice should work.  The important thing to know is that The Knew Concept Dovetail Bench Clamp comes apart and can be screwed back together in four different positions.  There are two different length settings available on each leg of the black aluminum angle that makes the bottom half. There is a fair bit of overlap between the coverage range of the different offset holes. The reason for this is to allow you to set the clamping screw in a range of positions so as to avoid support rails or lips under the edge of whatever surface you are clamping to.  There is always something in the way and it is nice to have a variety of options for getting around those obstacles. 

There are now 2 types of Knew Concepts Bench Clamps, a Magnet Type (part number 149.666) and an Anvil Type (see part number 149.666ANVIL).

This is the Magnet Type which is useful for holding burrs and files.  Both types have a series of metric and inch rulers and a pair of circles divided by 6 an 8 with diameter circles every 2mm of diameter.  These are there to assist in laying out rings or other radially symmetrical things.

The clamp is made from two pieces of aircraft grade aluminum with a dovetail plate (like the GRS dovetail fixed mounting plate 004-557 Otto Frei 104.557) and a clamping screw.  The two pieces come apart and can be screwed back together at various offsets for clamping. The upper plate is Milspec class 3 hard anodized aluminum so that it won't contaminate your files if you slip and hit it.  While not hard enough to be used as a full on anvil, it is as hard as aluminum gets which is good enough to resist accidental file cuts.  Truly the best bench clamp we have ever tested. Proudly made in the USA. 

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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