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Leica A60F 0.63x Auxiliary Lens

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Product Details

Need more working distance for your Leica A60F microscope?
This 0.63x Leica A60F auxiliary objective lens will increase working distance to 6.1" (155mm).

Although many people find that there is satisfactory working distance at 4.8" (122 mm) between lens and focal point with the standard Leica A60 F microscope, some people like having the additional working distance that adding an auxiliary lens allows.

This Leica A60F 0.63x Auxiliary lens attaches to an Leica A60 objective lens adapter part number 103.727.  If you are replacing an auxiliary lens on your Leica A60F, you will already have this part. Otherwise you will have to purchase the adapter separately.

Working distance will increase from 122 mm (4.8") to approximately 155 mm (6.1"). Magnification range will decrease to 3.15 X to 18.9 X from 5 X to 30 X. Field of view will increase as the magnification is lowered. Field of view range will increase to 70 mm-11.5 mm from the standard 46 mm-7.5 mm.

Adding an auxiliary lens will decrease the magnification of your scope by the factor of the auxiliary lens, in this case by .63.  Other optional auxiliary lenses available are at 0.5 and 0.75, see below.

Most jewelry work done under a microscope is done under lower magnifications so jewelers rarely miss the high magnification that is lost.

0.63 Objective Auxiliary Lens Details:

Zoom Range: 3.15X – 18.9 X
Working distance: 155 mm (6.1″)
Field of View Range: 70 mm – 11.5 mm

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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