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MC Olympic Jewelers Workbench

Part # 113.033
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Product Details

Made in California, USA
36-1/2"W x 24-1/4"D x 36"H
Euro Style Model MC-Olympic

This is a European style workbench constructed with hardwood and wood composites and highly finished, for our best looking popular priced workbench. Similar to workbench 113.045, but with more hardwood and a better finish, this bench has two aluminum lined catch trays, one straight cut, the other curved, a locking center placed security drawer, a pull out layout board beneath the bench pin and an inlaid steel anvil centered behind the bench pin hole.
Measures 36-1/2" wide by 24-1/4" deep by 36" tall from floor to bench top.
Made in California, USA.
Shipping weight is 170 lbs. Ships Truck Freight.
Please allow 2-4 weeks before delivery.  This bench is made to order and not available for pick up in our Oakland warehouse.


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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Lady H
Great bench but the pin does not fit.

The bench is much more attractive than I expected. It is generally well finished; a few rough edges, but nothing serious. The only issues are: (a) the bench pin included with the bench does not fit the slot. The pin's insert is rectangular while the hole is oval and much thinner and shorter than the bench pin. Unless I find a way to cut down the size of the pin insert (with no woodworking tools...), it is totally useless. (b) the instructions were for some other bench, not this one. I had to look at the photo in this website to figure out how to assemble, but it was not difficult.