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Meiji EMZ-5 Stereo Zoom Microscope with 10X Eyepieces & 0.5X Auxiliary Lens

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Product Details

  • 129.405 Meiji EMZ-5 Stereo Zoom Microscope 7x-45x
  • 129.407 Meiji MA502 Pair of 10x eyepieces and rubber eye guards
  • 129.412 Meiji MA517 0.5x Auxiliary Lens-Increases working distance so your hands have room to maneuver. Decreases power to 3.5x-22.5x (optional .3x, .7x and 1.0x auxiliary lenses or clear protective lens available)*

Microscope stand and light source sold separately.

The Meiji EMZ-5 microscope with the 0.5X Auxiliary lens and a pair of 10X eyepieces is by far the most popular microscope in use by the jewelry industry for precision stonesetting and all around jewelry work. This combination of body and lenses delivers the most useful magnification power, field of view and working distance for the bench jeweler using the GRS Acrobat stand, and many other types of adjustable stands, in a typical jewelers bench environment.

Jewelers recognize the outstanding build quality of the Meiji scope and the perfect focus that Meiji optics achieve. If you buy a Meiji microscope you will be buying a tool that will never wear out or need servicing, outside of possible damage due to fire, flood or other natural disasters.

  • Zoom Ratio: 6.5:1
  • Zoom Range: 0.7X to 4.5X
  • Zoom Control: Dual, graduated, bilateral mount
  • Magnification: 7X-45X (10x Eyepieces)-3.5X-22.5X (10x Eyepieces with 0.5x Auxiliary Lens)*
  • Field of View: 32mm-5.1mm (65.7mm-10.2mm with .5x Auxiliary Lens)*
  • Working Distance: 93mm (148mm with .5x Auxiliary Lens)*
  • Eyetube Inclination: 45°
  • Interpupillary Distance: 54mm-75mm
  • Dioptric Adjustment: Dual (+/- 5 diopters)
  • Extended Magnification Range: 2.1x-270x
  • Extended Working Distances: 34mm-251mm

*A word about auxiliary lenses:
Auxiliary lenses are used to increase working distances, an important feature for jewelers working with their hands under a scope. They do so by decreasing magnification power. The most common auxiliary lens used in a typical jeweler's bench mounted with the GRS Acrobat stand is .5x. This produces a comfortable working environment for an jeweler seated at a bench who stands between 5"6" tall up to 6' 2". Depending on your scope stand, bench and chair height, your height and other factors, you may find a different power auxiliary lens to your liking. Since most work is done at lower magnifications, the loss of the higher powers while using an auxiliary lens is not relevant. You can always remove the auxiliary lens when higher magnification is required. If prolong use without an auxiliary lens is necessary, we recommend the use of the 0X protective lens, available separately.

No lens or 0x Protective Lens 129.409B
  • Working Distance: 93mm
  • Field of View: 32mm-5.1mm
  • Magnification: 7X-45X

.3x Auxiliary Lens 129.411
  • Working Distance: 251mm
  • Field of View: 109mm-17mm
  • Magnification: 2.1X-13.5X

.44x Auxiliary Lens 129.410
  • Working Distance: 171mm
  • Field of View: 74.5mm-11.5mm
  • Magnification: 3.08X-19.8X

.5x Auxiliary Lens 129.412
  • Working Distance: 148mm
  • Field of View: 65.7mm-10.2mm
  • Magnification: 3.5X-22.5X

.75x Auxiliary Lens 129.413
  • Working Distance: 97mm
  • Field of View: 43.8mm-6.8mm
  • Magnification: 5.25X-33.75X

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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