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Mono-Tooth Jewelers Wax Saw Blades

Part # 125.891
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Sawblade Size: 1.00mm (.040")

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Product Details

Mono tooth jewelers saw blades are used by metalsmiths who need to cut thick pieces of wax or plexiglass. They will also cut metal, rubber, styrofoam or bone. They are much easier to steer since the cutting edge is continuous. The Mono-Tooth Saw blades cut any shape with ease, allowing you to cut intricate curves, circles-even square shapes, as you can bend the blades to go around corners. They are very tough, long lasting and safe to use as they will not cut your skin. The smallest size (0.7 mm) is best used in a saw frame. The other sizes (1.0 and 1.9 mm) work well in a saw frame and can also be used like a file in a pin vise. Sold by the piece. Blades are standard 5-1/8" (130mm) long jewelers length.  Sold by the Piece


Choose from 3 sizes:

  • 125.890  .70mm
  • 125.891  1.00mm
  • 125.893  1.90mm


  • Sold Individually.



Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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The twisted wax saw blades are easier to control