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Nakanishi NSK Espert 500 Torque Set ENK-500T Motor with Ring Type Handpiece EHR-500

Part # 134.591
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Product Details

The NKS Espert 500 Torque Set with the ENK-500T Torque Motor has the highest power in its class with a maximum output of 200W.    The ENK-500T Torque Type Motor feature high power, high torque and high speed performance in a brushless DC motor.  It incorporates the NAKANISHI Smart Switch for easy on/off operation.  it has very low vibration noise and very low maintenance  It is rated for maximum torque at 8.7 cN*m compared to the 4.3 cN*m rating on the ENK-410S 73W standard motor and the 4.8 cN*n rating ENK-250T 76W Torque Type motor which are both used with the Emax EVOlution systems.  Optional variable speed/on-off foot control 134.592 sold separately see below for link.

The increase wattage and torque make this system useful for heavy duty grinding applications on hard metals that required carbide tools.

Speed Range 1,000 to 50,000 rpm
This is a 120V unit with North American Plug

NE96 Espert 500 Control Box
ENK-500T Torque Motor & Cords (weight 5.64 oz. excluding cord-cord length 4.5 feet)
EHR-500 Ring Type (twist to open-twist to close) Attachment (weight 3.32 oz.)
1/8" (CHH-3.175) collet
3/32" (CHH-2.35) collet

134.591 NSK FC-40 Variable Speed/On-Off Foot Control
134.595 NSK ERG-01B Reduction Gear   

The NSK Espert 500 system does not interchange with the NSK Emax EVOlution system with any parts.

We do not sell or ship this product to customers outside the United States and Canada.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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