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Nechamkin Chasing Tools Small Pattern 10 Piece Set

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Product Details

Handcrafted in the USA Using 100% American Materials and Labor

These tools, inspired by my collection of 18th century French and German handmade chasing tools used for fine detail work, are meticulously hand shaped here at Nechamkin Silver Studios. 

They are designed for work on jewelry scale patterns and for reaching into small details within any size pattern. They are go to tools for any fine details. Their 9/64" square shanks and long graceful tapers make it easy to maneuver the working faces into the smallest of details. 

"When I first saw Liza's work, I was amazed at the detail and knew we were a good match. I chase exclusively in miniature and she created a set of small tools for me that never get a chance to cool off. With a great finish, shapes and variety, there are no tools like these available anywhere else. They are indispensable for the chasing of my custom silver flute keys and jewelry! I hope someday she'll make an even smaller set! " --John Lunn of John Lunn Flutes

Included in the 10 piece set:
  • Sp 1 Curved Liner
  • Sp 2 Straight Liner
  • Sp 3 Rectangle Embosser
  • Sp 4 Oval Embosser
  • Sp 5 Rectangle Planisher
  • Sp 6 Triangle Planisher
  • Sp 7 Almond Planisher
  • Sp 8 Hollow Planisher - Face has a slight convex radius for fitting over curved surfaces.
  • Sp 9 Flat Face Angled Planisher - For undercutting and sidewall shaping.
  • Sp 10 Convex Face Angled Planisher - For undercutting and sidewall shaping.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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