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Organic Metal DVD with Marne Ryan

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Take an Educational Tour in the World of Organic Metal with Marne Ryan
Follow the step by step, easy to understand Printable Booklet as Marne guides you through her trial by fire in Organic Metal. Enjoy the ride-harnessing fire and melting metal-don't be afraid to add your own creative ideas to your pojects! 
The excitement and unpredictablility of fire are central part of her process as a jeweler and a metalsmith. With her torch in hand Ryan transforms sheets, scraps and fragments of metal into pins, earring, pendants, bracelets and slides.
In these 6 DVDs you will learn how to create over 30 textures and 15 jewelry projects by fusing sterling silver and high karat gold, each project building upon the next.

"Marne's skills, knowledge and creativity will guide you through and you will 'get it'...This DVD series is so much more than I ever expected!"
-Marge Anderson

" I love playing with fire, suspending the rules of what can't be done with metal and integrating the elegance of form and function within the barely controlled chaos of my life"

"There are no mistakes-just opportunities for new patterns and textures..."
-Marne Ryan

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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Jerry Fleming
You won't be disappointed

I bought 6 DVD this series about 3 months ago and have been going through it as time allowed while trying some other fusing techniques also. This is by far the most clear cut, Intermediate to advanced, series I've seen available. Marne covers every "facet" of doing projects like many of those objects found on her website and in articles written about her jewelry. You won't be disappointed and she seems like one of the few who will actually tell you how it's done with plenty of tips and tricks.