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Orion 200 i3 Welder

Part # 114.730
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Product Details

The new Orion 200 i3 is packed with new features that will simplify the welding needs of any jeweler, goldsmith, or silversmith. Innovative new features include:

  • Pico weld mode for intricate welds as small as 0.01 Joules of energy, to achieve truly microscopic weld joints.
  •  The user can select up to 200 joules of energy for large silver or platinum pieces.
  •  large 10” touch screen interface with one-touch access to all welding parameters
  •  Ultimate space saving design
  • 3 unique pulse shape wave form options to choose from: Classic Orion (for Orion users that have come to love welds produced by the Orion 150i), Triangle mode (for weld smoothing), and Square mode for industrial like heavy welds.   
  • Seam mode—a revolutionary breakthrough in micro pulse arc welding. Seam mode allows users to welding with weld speeds up to 30 welds/sec.

The Orion 200 i3 is for sure The muscle car of all Micro Pulse-Arc welders. Power and speed is its calling card. The square and triangle modes can handle heavy welds on industrial metals. With care these modes can be set to fabricate larger precious metal parts. Classic mode takes this welder back down to jewelry bench tasks and will feel similar to the 150s model but with a bit more speed. Plug in and hang on.

  • electrodes and a diamond sharpening wheel
  • Foot pedal, All welding leads: alligator clips, tweezers, pliers
  • glass brush cleaner (Argon regulator not provided)
  • All hoses, connectors and variety of leads including tweezers and pliers.
  • Tack Mode, for temporary welds on industrial metals




Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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