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Otto Frei Basic Jewelers Kit

Part # 138.560E
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Product Details

We understand that not everyone can afford the most expensive jewelers tools from Europe, so we have put together this basic jeweler's tool kit with good quality tools from around the world with value in mind. Then we have made a very special price on this starter kit in order to make it easier for students to purchase. Since there is no substitute for Genuine Swiss made files for doing jewelry work, we include the Swiss made Glardon-Vallorbe hand file and a Swiss made Glardon-Vallorbe 6 piece needle file set. A few other tools survive from our professional jewelers kit, including the Otto Frei jewelry makers scale, the Swiss made saw blades, the bench knife, the file handle, the machinist square, the digital caliper, the scribe, the bezel roller, the scraper, the AA tweezers and the pin vise. The big savings in this kit come substituting the value line pliers for the German pliers and the value line chasing and ball pien hammers for the French made chasing hammer and French made goldsmithing hammer. We also subbed a made in the USA rawhide mallet for the Swiss made deadblow hammer. These tools are a great addition to any jeweler's collection.

This kit contains:
113.385/4 Wood 4 Pliers Rack
113.320 Bench Pin
129.621 Single Lens Watchmaker Loupe 5X
LP1163-6-2 Glardon-Vallorbe LP1163-6-2 Hand Precision Files
LA2442-2 Glardon-Vallorbe LA2442-2 Swiss Made Needle File Sets Of Six - 5-1/2" (14 cm) - Cut 2 Medium
135.070 Machinist Square 70 mm X 50 mm ( 2 Inch)
135.092 Divider-Black Body 3"
135.187 4 Inch Electronic Digital Caliper
135.511 Jewelers Rule!-Otto Frei Jewelry Makers Scale
137.114 Hammer-Ball Pein 4-oz 
137.196 Hammer-Chasing 
137.703 Rawhide Mallets #3, 8 Oz
137.821 Lutz Basic Wood Hand File Handle-For 4" to 6" Hand Files
139.180 Bench Knife
143.079 Ring Mandrel-Graduated-USA Sizes 1 to 15
146.304 Ring Bending & Bow Closing Pliers
146.602 Carbon Steel Flat Nose Pliers
146.604 Carbon Steel Round Nose Pliers
146.606 Carbon Steel Chain Nose Pliers
146.610 Carbon Steel Side Cutters 
146.620 Carbon Steel Round & Flat Forming Pliers
147.900 Centering Punch
148.125 Standard Wood Ring Clamp
149.405D Swiss Saw Blades 3/0 Pack of 12
149.406D Swiss Saw Blades 2/0 Pack of 12
149.407D Swiss Saw Blades 1/0 Pack of 12
149.739A Saw Frame Classic (75 mm)
152.101 Scrapers-Hollow 3 Inch
152.958 Scriber With Knurled Handle 5"
153.142 Bezel Roller
153.805 Solder Snips 
157.0758 Tweezers Economy #00
157.760 Tweezers-Crosslock With Grip Straight 6.25" (160 mm) for Soldering
158.240 Vise Pin Double End 4-1/8 Inch Long 0-.125" (0-3.0 mm)

California Prop 65 Warning:
Cancer and Reproductive Harm.

Customer Reviews

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Decent Kit That Includes Most Items to Get You Started

This is a pretty good setup for a beginner. The tools are decent quality. It seems like some of the tools are covered in some kind of oil before they're packaged, which made the box a complete mess. The jeweler's saw was completely drenched in oil, and it was leaking into the rest of the box. Also, two other tools have a dark brown oil all over them, but thankfully those didn't leak. (Most steel tools will have a protective coating of grease to prevent rust. Tool steel will rust if exposed to the elements but you want tools made from regular steel, not softer stainless steel. We will make sure we pack those saw frames in a zipper bag so the oily grease doesn't escape). Otto Frei One thing I wish this set included was a bench pin. I should have looked more closely at the item list and bought one separately, but it still seems like an essential item for a beginners jewelry kit. Especially one that comes with a saw. Also, it comes with 3 packs of the same size saw blades. Would be nice to have a few different sizes to get started with. (Good idea! We have added a bench pin and made the saw blade assortment 3 different sizes) Otto Frei Overall a nice kit, but the packaging was a complete mess.