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Free Domestic Shipping on orders over $250 and less than 10lbs.

Otto Frei Jewelry Casting Kit #1 - 220V

Part # 121.991-220V
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Product Details

Otto Frei's new jewelry casting kit #1 contains the top quality equipment you need to start casting non-ferrous precious metals like silver and gold. All you need to have is a way to melt the metal, which can be done with a casting torch or an electro melt.

The 220V is the export version for use in places where the power standard is 220-230V or for any shop that has 220-230V power in place and wants to use it. Plugs supplied are standard 220V North American (this 220V kit is more expensive than the 110V kit because it is supplied with the larger 220V Paragon SC3 kiln instead of the smaller Paragon SC2 included with the 110V kit). You may need to change plugs or use adaptors on the KAYA Vacuum Casting Machine and the Paragon Kiln to fit your local standard outlet.

The backbone of this kit is the KAYA Vacuum Casting Machine. This important piece of equipment performs two functions, first as a vacuum investing machine for removing air from investment during the investment mixing process and second as a vacuum assist casting machine. The other major piece of equipment is the Paragon SC3 burn out kiln with a built in programmer. Also included in this kit are all the items you need to mix investment and additional casting supplies including sprue wax, extra casting flasks and the Practical Casting Book by Tim McCreight.

Need an even larger kiln? How about a centrifugal casting machine? We will gladly quote you on additions and substitutions. Just email us at and tell us which items you would like to remove and which items you would like to add.

Kit Contains the following:
  • 121.523 - 1/4" Red Sprue Wax
  • 121.524 - 3/8" Red Sprue Wax
  • 121.690 - 2 x Casting Flasks 2-1/2" D x 3" H
  • 121.699 - Stainless Steel Casting Flask 3" D x 5 H
  • 121.721-44 - Casting Investment-44 Lbs
  • 121.731 - Investment Scoop
  • 121.740 - 250 ml Measuring Cylinder
  • 121.763 - 1-1/2 Quart Rubber Mixing Bowl
  • 121.175 - 3-1/2" Stainless Steel Spatula
  • 121.771 - 11 Lb. Investment Scale
  • 121.780 - 3 x Universal Sprue Bases
  • 121.797 - 2 x Flask Extenders 2-1/2"
  • 121.799 - Flask Extender 3-1/2"
  • 121.800KAYA-220V- Vacuum Casting Machine* 220V
  • 122.754 - Casting Gloves
  • 122.821 - 1 Lb. Technical Borax Flux
  • 122.905 - 3 x Carbon Stirring Rod 14"
  • 129.047 - 3M Medium Half Face Respirator
  • 129.032 - 3M Plastic Particulate Filters One Pair
  • 162.107 - Practical Casting Book by Tim McCreight
  • Paragon SC3 Programmable Kiln 220V (Standard or Bead Door-Depending on Availability)

* Includes Accessory Kit with Perforated Flask & Gaskets (see detailed images)

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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